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Free chat room in Iowa

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Well that Shit goes and sinks into Artistic Well plus runs off into streams. These Farmers Are Killing us. This crap all Causes Cancer. Children are being hurt. Sheriff Greg Beaver is part of the problem.

County attorneys tell crooked judges what to do. There is no justice in Mitchell County — hopefully there soon will be. They all are involved in trying to murder me.

They have broken into my home without warrants. Greg Beaver shot a hole in my door. County supervisors said they would pay for a new door. Our water has been poisoned. These people will and have killed before.

I have called the FBI many times and reported them. All I know is they are all under a FBI investigation. They first started coon spot lighting my home late at night. I just pulled shades. One night I was outside after midnight and caught a sheriff setup car spot lighting my living room window. He saw me and took off fast. Best thing to do is tell your friends and vote Mark Walk out of office for starters. He has harassed me the last 18 years.

His office swindled us out of some of our loan money. His partner that died closed our home loan. Somehow taxes were never paid I found out. I asked Mark Walk about it to try to find the money. He told me too bad. It does not go away. Poison goes into the food, too. Gary, we need a Class Action Suit with attorneys that work on our behalf later getting a small part of a settlement and that also get the Iowa Drainage Laws and the Clean Water Act Enforced Closing all Point Source Pollution and fining the Mitchell County groups who have altered farmland drainage of their chemicals into our Source Waters.

Our Clean safe drinking water is our Right, as is our Right to Life. Our new well that we and others had drilled to a deeper aquifer to try to get safer farm chemical and lead free drinking water was burning our skin and eyes, throats, and intestinal lining.

This new aquifer was testing safe for Nitrates and Bacteria but no one was being told to test for the Anhydrous Ammonia in the deeper Aquifers. But with the new illegal channel through my farm to the very deep Designated National Wetlands Sinkholes, Adam was thinking the Ammonia Nitrogen as N levels must be climbing from the 0. In I was able to pay a male attorney to get Mark Ross to spend the time to look up the IDNR records of test results for about ten wells in this on-going Plume including mine that ranged in results of 1.

Test for Nitrates and Bacteria and Chlorinate when the Bacteria levels are up. They are telling us to possibly burn our families Downstream with Trihalomethanes by letting some farmers illegally drain their land down into our Source Water. Adam wanted to warn people to test for Ammonia Nitrogen as N before they Chlorinate. Its been used to send rockets to the moon and has blown up some.

How will fracking affect its concentration as it builds up underground? How is this not obvious to the FBI? This is extreme worst whistleblower retaliation. You would think the FBI would have investigated and figured it out years ago.

Why even bother having the rules then. After reviewing the evidence read in the information provided by this site I am disgusted and appalled that this gross injustice has been ignored and the responsible parties have not been brought to justice. There is clear evidence of two not one but two murders and a conspiracy to not even cover them up but to ignore this herendous injustice.

My heart pores out to Veronica Luck and her family for all they have suffered and I am in utter dismay of the lack of pursuit of the truth by state and federal law enforcement agencies who also ignore the obvious. They should all resign their posts immediately at the very least.

I too feel Andrew Luck was murdered for digging into deep of a problem that would implement way too many people in important position and scar the image of Iowa as well as cause millions of dollars in clean up and compensation for the victims of the nearly million of Iowans downstream and the states all the way to the gulf of Mexico. Are these people idiots who put profit over people. Answer to this is obvious.

I just pray that honest people gain positions in organizations such as the Iowa DNR and expose these attrocities and put an end to them so the wrongs can be corrected for future generations of Iowans. Mitchell County officials need to be held accountable. How do the men present the morning of Andrews murder sleep at night knowing what you were part of. He was cremated to destroy evidence. He should be held accountable and brought to justice. The fact that all of this has occured and the 26 photos taken by the Iowa state trooper is undisputed evidence that Andrew was alive and nothing was done to help him is sickening.

I am sickened by the lack of morals by all these officials who stood by and did nothing. It is inconceivable to accept this behavior. A conspiracy to ignore a whistle blower who was not allowing his family and fellow iowans to be victims so he was killed and the worst part is the numerous public officials and agencies who were involved.

Sarah im not sure if that comment is towards mitchell county ems but assume it is. I have been in charge of the service for the last 3 yrs and if u give me a name and date which took us 45 min to respond i will look into it.

We average a 3 min response time time to go enroute and win a state award last year for being a great service. Things have changed alot in 3 yrs and whether u believe it or not this is a great up to date service with many dedicated experienced professionals. We carry more medications than all other services around including the helicopters. Feel free to contact me to discuss this further.

But after they discovered he was still alive some in the group in the pictures witnessed how Adam was murdered after having his limbs crushed. What happened the morning Andrew Luck called for help? North Iowa's own version of "Erin Brockovich". Always wondered about the correlation between the high cancer rates in North Iowa and the drinking water quality.

Mayo has moved followed their insurance money to Phoenix, AZ…where these rich mega-acre farmers spend their winters! Kevin Crowe …it was years ago…you weren't part of the team at that time. Yeah, because an EMS crew is actually going to just stand around for 2 hours chatting and laughing before intentionally snapping someone's neck.

You are not trying to talk over a scarred larynx because you inhaled anhydrous ammonia or unknowingly consumed it over the years before getting the water tested! Do you know him personally? When you step out of line in Mitchell Co. Iowa, you are disciplined. Good will prevail and these goddamned murderers will live with the consequences of their behavior. I asked if he was going to investigate. The moms a left wing nut job from what i can read from the comments. I have talked with FBI and there is an ongoing open investigation still going on.

This is pretty serious — 2 people are dead. Maybe read it all. Funny county attorney is not in jail all the crap he has pulled. Brent — No last Name, no way to have a agent contact you for information of where there might be water not contaminated with 80 times the maximum contaminate level for Atrazine, and other herbicides and pesticides and Very high Anhydrous Ammonia and CAFO Nitrogen fertilizers and High Cadmium Lead?

Your nuts if you think this is over. Sounds like you know more than you are willing to tell. Hintz never gave me any aid just left me as I collapsed and slid down the wall after he refused again to investigate the ones harassing me that Adam chased, as he came home from the Poet Plant. It was when he came home from Poet again that Saturday night when the Chevy was pointing south out of the U driveway in front of my home that a male ran from my home to the car and jumped in and the ring tail lights came on and they sped out and Adam chased them as he had before.

Hintz and Younker refused to give me a copy of my report about the 2 people harassing me that Adam chased. They also left me alone after I collapsed after Hintz would not tell me where Adam was except Hintz said they had taken him to Mason City to see why he died. My 2 children that were about 4 hours away got there shortly after two of my sisters who got me up and dressed but Hintz would not tell me where Adam was. You are too ignorant and full of yourself to see the trutb. An injustice was done and you have the audacity to defend the people involved.

There was no ambulance in the pictures, just Judge Bryan McKinley, and Doctor Haganman and the group of farmers and contractors and the then St Ansgar Rescue personnel and Highway Patrolman Palas Graham who took all of the pictures and probably more than I was given when the Mitchell County Attorney Mark Walk was trying to get me to sign off on the sale of two acre farms at far less than their value.

He said, you know you have five other children. Judge Bryan McKinley is also…They all are in bed together and they will all cover up shit to save their own asses……. On the accident report they filed at the State of Iowa they checked No Aide Given and wrote notes about injuries Adam had not yet sustained in the pictures when they were Breathilizing him after he had been trapped for about 8 hours.

I supeonaed the first call and all of the later ones but those supeonas were not answered to protect the people Adam was chasing from my farm. Ansgar Community Schools, which 4 of my children have attended and 3 are still in school.

I live Northeast of Stacyville. As I was told by my hubby the other day we live on one of the biggest watersheds. We never had problems with flooding when we moved to our home in October of 97, never had water in our basement either until recently. Also, this farmer, when we first bought our place, dug a trench behind our machine shed without our knowledge as we were not home at the time. Law enforcement does nothing because this is a rich farmer, and we are just poor people.

We have had problems with our water as well. It is not safe to drink. We had asked for it to be tested on several occasions which they refused to do, finally they did test it. I also think your son Adam was killed.. My husband always said there is a lot of crooked shit going on in Mitchell County, especially with law enforcement, plus I have heard it all over.

It just floored me. I printed the story out and gave it to my hubby and he has contacted some higher up on it. We would like to get to the bottom of this also because your husband Gary was poisoned by the water and all the contaminants and other people as well.

Something needs to be done. Your son was just concerned with what was going on and was just trying to protect his family plus other innocent people. There is no excuse whatsoever in taking a human life. These people need to be punished for their crimes and if I have my way, we are going to get to the bottom of this and find out just what the hell did happen and who all was involved because I can figure out some of the people who did this and I think the number one person who was behind all this with your son is Brad Johnson.

After what I read, I think he had something to do with it. Since when does leaf decomp smell like hog shit? Funny, same trees all around the same river…this spring, no red color or smell of hog shit at the same spot. Paul Van Dorpe condemned my then well in after my animals had died or were docked at IBP for miscellaneous masses and tumors.

Gary my husband was being treated at Mayo for the multiple tumors that later spread to his bones and liver. But Gary had been killed in January of and I owned the land and had refused them an outlet or any access as my very limited Permit for very limited drainage agreement did not allow me to give them permission. Some Mitchell County farmers will break every law on the books, murder, theft of 42 acres to build a flood channel to drain their limited soil depth Karst Wetland down a line of sinkholes in a Designated National Wetland.

Bradley Johnson had screamed at me in when I had first complained to Dale Adams, IDNR, about his manure from two feedlots and farm chemicals from over acres washing down the sinkhole north of his house. The IDNR made him close his sinkhole drain but then all the tile outleted there backed up and he was mad. He solved that by outletting his and other farmers tile straight down into our Source water.

So now more Cedar W Township farmers wanted us out of the area. We Downstream were told to only test our new wells for Nitrates and Bacteria not Anhydrous Ammonia Nitrogen fertilizers or the other contaminants the IDNR had condemned our wells for in Then the Floods and the IDNR said to Chlorinate for the Bacteria levels that were up from all the fertilizers being drained down this Sinkhole Drainage System created to drain this Aquifer Recharge Wetland Area that should never have either of the very water soluble fertilizers applied there.

Anhydrous Ammonia Nitrogen fertilizer and Chlorine can form Trihalomethanes, a gas that comes out of your shower head and burns your skin, eyes, throat, intestines, colon, and makes asthma worse and can cause COPD when inhaled. She is just putting their names in here and that is not slander.

Besides the brad guy she mentioned but in reality she stated that she thinks he had a lot to do with it not that he does have everything to do with it.

However the crooked people in the entire equation will pay someday. Thoughts and prayers are with you. These two very water soluble nitrogen fertilizers should never be drained by ditches and illegal flood channels to sinkholes in a Aquifger Recharge Area of a Designated National Wetland. He said truth and two back to back CIA lie detector tests were the only thing that allowed him to get representation against Brown University and Sarah.

We had done repairs and installed three filter systems and a chlorinator. We had hired an attorney for Adam from here that had just set and made Adam not even get to respond previously at the University Hearing.

Turns out he was a cocktail partier with the Brown employees, and we could not afford the quarter million needed for a good attorney that would stand up against Brown University in Providence, R. Let me know if I can be of any help. I have been fascinated with this case for years and am in utter disbelief that it has not been picked up by a higher authority than the crooked local officials. Absolutely right Sara…if someone was paid off do you think they are going to endanger theirselves by disobeying the person that paid them off..

Hell no…so of course the EMT would take their sweet time to get to the accident and it sounds like to me what Veronica Lack had said it took them about 45 minutes to get to the scene of the accident…Come on……From St.

Ansgar to where the accident occured, North of Highway 9, no way in hell does it take that long to get there……. But instead the dumasses hooked a chain up to his truck while Adam was still in it and continually jerked it back and forth snapping his neck the C-2 vertabrae…Only idiots that don't have any common sense do something like this…Are these people really trained in their field of work???

Was there a brace put on his neck?? Sounds to me like the answer is no……If I was Adams mom I would sue the pants off these people for wrongful death…because this didn't have to happen…if they would have only followed the rules….

Would it have been too hard to put a neck brace on him, jesus…. Get off the rescue squads because none of you are qualified for SHIT….. Kevin Crowe, this accident happened 6 years ago, and there is no excuse for taking 45 minutes to get to the scene of an accident. Ansgar to North of Highway 9, no way in hell does it take that long to get there……….. And those guys that were harassing us about their illegal Drainage called it in on and expected him to be dead but left him trapped.

Cause of death severe dislocation of neck at C-2 and C-3 vertebra but not until after 9am on after his having to roll his truck the night before. As his Mom, I know he would have taken the ditch instead of hitting that tanish Chevy Implala even though they had cost us a lot of money in repairs to our vehicles. July 13th is a hard day for me, as how could they not answer the first call and instead round up some of those who were in court in July of including Judge McKinley and then they spend a few more hours crushing Adam so he dies without my being able to even help him.

I know it is now six years but someone may come forward someday, Adam stood up for me and others, some may stand up against his killers. My thoughts are with you, Veronica. You are a good person, and I am very sorry for your losses. I hope you find justice. Our farm neighbor hauled. I was one of the last farmers to keep getting permits in Cedar W Township to do repairs when needed to the damaged Designated National Wetland.

Now Anhydrous Ammonia Nitrogen fertilizer is building up to ever increasing levels and there is no feasible filter system to remove it and it reacts with the Chlorine added by cities and towns and farmers to try to protect their animals from CAFO fertilizer bacteria causing intermittant levels of Trihalomethanes and other decontaminants that can be deadly.

The enforcement of those Good Laws would protect us from the farmers that are Point Source polluting like ditches to drain fields down sinkholes or French Drains or illegal AG drainage wells. All farms should have legal Drainage Permits. The IDNR has promised me since after Adam was killed that the IDNR was going to develop a web site that would allow me to see all of my old well tests and the well tests results on the new well I had drilled in , and the well tests on the yet third deeper well drilled in in Mitchell County.

And that this new web site would be state wide, so Iowans could know what AG chemicals were in their drinking water and what tests were needed on their wells. Our water there is polluted but the IDNR is not even telling well owners to test for the Anhydrous Ammonia fertilizer or lead or arsenic before they tell Iowans to Chlorinate.

The web site Adam had suggested in is not even going to have access to the data that the IDNR is destroying to cover up this huge pollution issue. Other states bring there toxic. Sarah Elliott In the 80's a girlfriend of mine was going thru the Mayo Clinc in Rochester for cancer. I am so sorry for what happened to your son. Good Bless you and wish you the best. When Adam was killed it was the year of the last big market crash, my appeals to the Mitchell County Deputy and Sheriff went unanswered and my Request to Prosecute also.

And this was after the IDNR had charged me with Blockage of Water because I had refused to have this flood channel to sinkholes dug through my farm by the polluters. Ron, Unfortunately that very fact of turning a deaf ear to the corruption and intimidation and cover-up of this one Point Source Pollution Plume has allowed the greedy interests of non-sustainable farmers and local USDA employees to outlet their farm drainage down into our aquifers or our drinking water.

We only have to look at our lakes, ponds and rivers to see the green slime that feeds on it. But what has our Republican Governor done, Branstad has taken lots of money from the big Oil interests for his re-election campaign. The first cancers in adults were hormone feeding tumors, then later colon cancers and most spread to the livers. Afterwards I waited in line to ask him about this ever increasing pollution and if there was a feasible filter for Anhydrous Ammonia Nitrogen fertilizer and told him about our well tests.

His big multi-million dollar nitrate scrubbers remind me of our old percolator coffee pots. But refused to answer my 28 questions about the people in the 26 pictures including him. The Mitchell County authorities had been trying to say Adam was drinking, but had refused to give me his autopsy report or his breathilizer, or x-rays or blood work.

So I signed an agreement with ING for them to get the refused information, as they were going to close the insurance claim. In 2 weeks part of the information was delivered by ING along with a big check. The correct date for the hearing above, where Judge Bryan H. The transcript of that hearing I received a copy of after I paid the transcription fees. Palas Graham, the young highway patrolman, that was called by Deputy Hintz or Sheriff Younker had finally showed up the next day to supposedly help Adam and was to investigate.

So it took him about another hour to get there. When he showed up he was at first I think, told Adam was dead. Palas was the first person to mention that first call to me and several years later I connected on a local internet news to a mention of that same first call at about midnight of the 12th of July but as Michael Adam Lack of Nora Springs IA and my supeona for that Call information still has been denied as Dr.

That kind of injury would have been a quick death. Why did they not secure the engine and protect Adam? Mark Walk had taken me to court because I refused to sign off on that sale of the family farm Adam and I had been trying to get financing for. Mark Walk had promised that farm to two buyers without asking me.

No attorney in the Area would stand up against him in the courtroom so I had to appear alone. I want a federal investigation not a local or even state since it is our state and local governments covering up and allowing the on-going Point Source Polluters to continue to make a lot of money at the expense of the health and lives of people and their livelihoods Downstream. This is my son's old facebook page that he opened on my email address and which he used to visit with some of his friends and played Farmville before he was killed.

We changed the name after a niece took over tending his farm, and we kept in touch with some of Adam's friends. Thanks, his Mom Veronica Lack. I don't buy it. Just saying that if some of the facts are not right… you can't believe the article.

I also find it funny that I have lived in the area nearly my entire life, including when this accident happened, and I didn't hear a word about it. That seems pretty odd to me. Looks like he never even lived in Mitchell County……. Something smells funny here…….

Laura, go up to Mayo. They have a map. Tell them you are from Mitchell County. After a blank stare and a sigh it will change your mind. Laura, I think you had better re-read the article, because your mini rant has incorrect statements and facts, and while your at it, your own stated website for cancer rates.

Mitchell County is surround on all sides but those in the deep orange and in the red. You don't think that reported cases of Cancer in 4 years is high? That is one in every people. That doesn't bother you? How about the fact that 2 people in the same household developed combined types of cancers…you don't think that odd at all?

The article listed Nora Springs as where Adam operated a business as well as grew up, as he did in Rockford before moving out west as a freshman in high school. If you had paid attention to the article, you would have noticed that all incidences occurred AFTER the Lack children had grown and Veronica and Gary moved back to a family farm.

After Gary's passing, Adam moved back in with his mother so she would not be alone and to help her with the physical and legal battles her farm ownership entailed. I worked for Adam when he ran the Floyd Y, and if you knew him, he was not the type of person to talk just to hear his own voice. He only EVER spoke if he had something important to say but otherwise was quiet. Rarely did the haunted look leave his eyes. The family photo captions do not state that all those in the photos are her children except the one, one is of her 6 kids, and the other is missing one of her children, but the other "girl" you know could have been a significant other of one of the children — ask your friend.

Again, if you had bothered to read the article and the photo captions, perhaps you would actually comprehend the statements being made. I hope you don't carry over this lack of attention to detail to your professional life. I also know some of the persons named in the reports on a personal level.

It's very disheartening and caught me completely by surprise. Truth to power…speak it. They keep track of all cancer reported. Veronica Lack unfortunately does not know what she is talking about.

Lack about the pollution discussed in the article. There are producers that do pollute the environment however none of her neighbors do. The fact is Ms Lack is not willing to accept the deaths of her husband and son. In my opinion Veronica is blaming anything she can to make since of her losses. Her son was in an accident and unfortunately passed away. The author of this article should be ashamed with them self for writing such crap. Veronica I truly pray you find peace in your hart, life and move on.

Dale lied to me about water tests. I took same water to Mn. Cause I had heard stories. My Suspicion was Right Can t trust. Lu Eggers You are right…. At the time of the accident he was pinned in the truck with the air bag deployed AND wearing his seat belt…. Now you tell me he wasnt murdered….

Ray Franna, Bradley Johnson testified under oath in the trial about the illegal transitioning of the illegal Flood Channel through my farm that he said you had done a survey for, on my farm. This illegal Flood Channel that I could not give an outlet for, continues to pollute more wells and more lives of Iowan's and their animals are endangered Downstream.

You could at least warn Floyd, Butler, and Bremer County residents since Ruth Morische lost her fight this last summer. Tell the truth, Ray. Thanks Brandee, I think Laura is referring to my step-daughter, who I helped with child support after her Dad, my husband, was disabled. Gary tried to be as good a Dad as he was able, the costs of our multiple cancers and other health conditions limited our being able to afford college costs for our six children.

The two step children were the only of our children who complained about my costly fighting of the pollution channel being dug through our home farm, they claimed I was pouring their inheritance down a sinkhole. I just didn't want others to suffer as we had. The first call was just before midnight on the 12th of July , Adam was caught and had to wait about 7 hours for the group to come and take another two hours to kill him.

Check the accident reports that were filed at the state offices. It wasn't just 45 minutes that he had to wait. Adam's Mom, Veronica Lack. GTS…and get your information and research in order. Sarah, it's worse Downstream in Floyd County and along the West side of the Cedar River as the Aquifers that carry the deadly Plume from the Mitchell County's Cedar W Township On-Going pollution that the USDA-NRCS's Ray Frana helped the Cedar W Township farmers dig through my farm illegally taking 42 acres of my soils to dig an drain flood water from Section 10's huge swale down a line of sinkholes carries Anhydrous Ammonia and CAFO fertilizer and other chemicals like Atrazine and the lead from batteries dumped down a sinkhole to fix me after I first complained in about Bradley Johnson's sinkhole north of his house taking all the flood water and manure off those two feedlots.

Test your water for Anhydrous Ammonia and Nitrates and add the two test results in Des Moines those test results are not to total over The date was when Adam came home after working horrible hours at Poet, he had gone to check something and saw that Chevy Impala sitting in the front east side of my farm's home U shaped driveway.

It was about That was the last time I saw him alive as he drove after them under my yard light. He had chased the vandals before and I sat back down to wait. The first call came in just before Midnight according to Palas Graham, probably by one of the two he was chasing, but as usual no help or aid was given us and the polluting vandals did not even call me just the Mitchell County Response system.

Years later after being denied even answers to supeonas for that first call, in order to protect the vandals Adam had chased, and who left Adam trapped for about 7 hours, others called Adam's accident in to on Later supeonas for one of the later calls were answered. But not the first, second, or third or forth and a Chevy Impala like the one Adam chased set at the Mitchell County Sheriff's Office after Adam's later being killed and his being killed was not even investigated and I was even denied his autopsy report and his Poet Bio-Refinery Exposure Patch that he is wearing in the pictures.

Kevin I know its too late to help Adam but those pictures haunt me and I've been advised by my Mayo Clinic counselors to try to warn of the on-going pollution Plume that caused my family's and our Downstream neighbor's health issues and what had prompted Adam's checking into if the Anhydrous Ammonia Nitrogen fertilizer in our well water was also why Poet's bio-digester enzymes were not able to successfully produce ethanol from switch grass or corn stover because of high levels of Anhydrous Ammonia in the water not only affecting us but also those bio-digesting enzymes.

I asked where Adam was and he just repeated Adam was dead and I should call the Rock Creek ladies to help with the funeral. I have not been able to get a copy of the sheriff or deputy Hintz's reports or of their refusal to help me as they left me alone in shock.

Hintz knew we were Catholic and did not attend the Rock Creek church since they had had my husband Gary cremated even before he was seen by a doctor and I had not given prior permission and I was chewed out by our priest in front of Adam and Tom Bucheit at the Champion funeral home.

When the priest asked how much of Gary's estate was I going to give to the Catholic Church to make up for having him cremated before the funeral, Tom Bucheit showed Father the papers Tom was trying to get me to sign to approve the after the fact cremation of Gary. Father went on saying don't you know you could just rent a coffin if you don't want to spend the money for a decent burial.

I broke down crying thinking how I was going to have to explain to his grandchildren how my loving husband was in a little box of ashes.

Now after the sheriff and county attorney Mark Walk would not investigate Gary's murder admitted to by Nurse Linda in the Board of Nursing investigation and the Medicare investigation's and 25 pages of citations and now they were refusing to investigate Adam's death….

Please help me get all of the information you can, I heard their was a big shake up that changed the group that was in control of the Mitchell County system and fire department after Adam's being murdered. And I believe you were not part of it and that most of the regular employees are good people.

But the power held by Judge McKinley and some of the people in the pictures as Adam was killed takes control even of good people. Adam had chased Brody out of my farm field where he had been spinning and damaging seeding but Brad was the most damaging. Iowan's drinking either well water or treated surface water Downstream from the huge chemical drain built illegally through Dean Kleckner's farm into mine in should be testing for Ammonia Nitrogen as N as it is testing at the highest levels I have ever seen 1.

If the total of the two tests is over 10 it is not safe to drink according to the EPA. Our Nitrate test results that were withheld until about October of after Adam was killed ranged from the lowest in the mid 40's in to 78 to 95ppml in If one was to add those two test results in our well test total of the two tests was definitely the cause of our health effects.

We could not taste the nitrogen fertilizer and our three filter systems only lowered the Nitrate test from 95 down to 78 in In I had a Sierra Club attorney apply for them and the test results were horrifying as there is no filtration system I had that could have made our water anywhere close to safe. A well just Downstream from my new well tested even higher for Anhydrous Ammonia fertilizer.

It was the well shared by Mr. Lavern Olsen and Mark Gast and his family which tested at I was not told of this and when Dean Kleckner the former Head of the Farm Bureau showed up in a Osage Police Car the next morning on the 16th of April , he agreed in the Disposition of my Trespass Charge to put all of our soil back and to rebuild our joint fenceline to the prior grade at least 4 foot up from the Echo Avenue Box Culvert floor.

Dean Lines had mapped out the mile long erosion and feet deep erosion soil loss and a ripped out sinkhole under the floor of the cement double Box Culvert on th Street. And they claimed I had hurt their drainage by closing the sinkholes their new flood channel force opened on my farm in and I filed a request for delay of court date to be able to get another attorney and when it got to court my Request for time to get another attorney was sent by the court and Isacson signed it and submitted my Request that he had failed to do, so I could hire another attorney.

My and others property taxes were raised to cover the increased flood damages for Cedar W Townships channelling flood water over roads and taking out some culverts and bridges, and farmers and homeowners downstream have to pay the increased damages and loss of income and health from the on-going increased channeling of Mitchell County Flood channels built to drain farm run-off down into our aquifers.

My Past Sick of All these Crooks. They Own The Courts. They Type Cast Selections. They Know how Most People Think. Church you go to. I feel Sorry for You.

Not Worth owning Land in Iowa anymore. We have filed complaints. You can file complaints with the Ombudsman Office too. I filed a complaint with the DNR — then the problems started for me. I complained says keep taking meds. I should have been dead. Ross gave me a cocktail of drugs that should have killed me. If you put everything together these empowered assholes of Mitchell County are as crooked as can be. Russell Hintz warned me there are powers that be in Mitchell County, that I need to stop complaining about pollution.

Understand the Ricco Act, we can all file a class action lawsuit. Just something to think about. They have destroyed my life. This article along with the posters are nothing but a joke. You all are conspiracy theorists at best and are just embarrassing yourselves.

Shame on you all. I agree with the OP. This article has stink all over it. Mitchell County isn't the only place with high incidence rates of cancer. It can be argued that much of the cancer in North Iowa can be attributed to the pockets of strontium and iodine fallout from the Nevada tests. Kevin Crowe, Did you get my emailed question last year about why the first call to report Adam's accident at about midnight on July 12, and a copy of its tape was denied in response to the court ordered subpeonas?

Adam was left trapped for about 8 hours before some of the group he had testified in court against arrived and later killed him. If you know of people especially children drinking water Downstream from Bradley Johnson, Dean Sponheim, James Urbatsch and Max and William Brandau, ask them or their parents to have their wells tested for both Anhydrous Ammonia and Nitrates. Iowa Cold Cases you are most welcome…this a. I spent with Ronnie and her cousin and my friend, Phillip Lack…what a lovely way to spend an a.

She mentioned this was happening…i was only too glad to mention it to you. Thanks for jumping on this so quickly. The 22nd picture of Adam still trapped, taken by highway patrolman Palas Graham at about Adam was still alive but the group he had testified against didn't give him a chance, after refusing him aide and making Adam wait for help since his first accident call at just before Midnight on the 12th.

Anhydrous Ammonia nitrogen fertilizer is not supposed to be in our ground water or drinking water at all, according to the EPA, and there is no known filter for it. Mom and Ruth and Scott drilled to the same good aquifer in My Mom refused to sign after the fact and permits for those polluters, ever since when Charlie Heiderscheit had claimed this huge ditch to sinkholes would all be paid for but denied her ECP help because she refused.

She has still refused to sign them after they killed me. He was pressuring my mom to sign them under threats of taking away her right to farm her farm, and of him refusing to sign her Compliance Letter, for all of the Conservation Repairs she had been required to do for her ECP, and then she would not be even able to sell her farm.

She explained and showed Charlie the work she had done. He still refused, so she showed him, the enlarged pictures of the group killing me, Charlie started crying and said he knew them better than my Mom, he said he would sign her Compliance Letter so she could sell her farm and get out. I have felt so bad about showing those pictures of my son being killed but there was no way I was going to sign those permits to give a legal drainage permit to the still very illegal on-going chemical drain into our drinking water built for the six to eight sections of farmland in Cedar W Township in Mitchell County Iowa.

In those 26 pictures when they were killing Adam are some of the contractors and farmers and of course Judge Bryan McKinley. He was the Judge in the case Jon Tack and Randy Clark had encouraged me to file or the IDNR could charge me with accepting the channel that the group was harassing me and Adam and damaging our property to build. Some of those in the pictures could be the contractor that almost killed my youngest son in he only got 5 years probation for it.

Adam and I had found Popp marker flags along the edges of the area on my farm dug away while Adam was at the U of Iowa taking courses and when Adam had written the paper they waved in court in I think the FBI has facial recognition software. The air bag had protected him until the Mitchell County group Adam had testified against showed up about seven hours, after the first call.

Please someone who has connections somewhere hold those accountable for their actions! How could emergency persons not respond for that length of time? How could they treat a human being either dead or alive in a manner that he was treated? Someone somewhere can get the answers. Please help this family! I have skimmed through this quite fast and will go back tonight and continue this research.

It is about time this County comes to grip. TOO many lives lost and battling. I hope this gets resolved for everyone involved and those who choose to ignore. I am saddened how many People had the ability to stand up, announce or report findings that chose to keep things hidden. It creates more questions and lack of trust. Keep up the fight you're an amazing woman! This is so chilling that something like this could happen here!! We obviously need to go above the local law enforcment!!

Just thousands of acres now a chemical drain. But I was not able to risk another of my children and I traded my home farm for a lesser one Downstream in this On-Going Plume.

So now my fight has switched to protecting or at least getting the Iowa Dept. They are some of the good guys and thanks go to them for their continuing work to protect our water Downstream. It tells what water tests need to be done as you cannot taste most nitrates in your drinking water. But they kill as Brad Johnson was given a well paid for in after he had ditches dug to the sinkhole north of his house in Adam had helped me file that charge in February of I think one could get copies of those hearing transcripts and exhibits from the Floyd County Courthouse of those 4 hearings.

I was trying to get Judge Bryan McKinley to answer those 28 questions after he refused to recuse himself and the court recorder identified Judge McKinley in the photos in that first of the 4 hearings. Probate Hearings November and about six months into The reason the Mitchell County liability attorney Rourick, gave for why not answering the court ordered subpoenas was that I would sue them. I could never sign those IDNR after the fact permits for the polluters Charlie Heiderschiet brought out to my farm in the first week of May after they brutally killed Adam.

There are no words…. What a heartless corupt bunch!!! Your in my prayers. And if you live near large corn fields that have the tanks of Anhydrous Ammonia applied on those fields it would be advisable to test your Source Water too. I took a course and got permission to have it shown on a small public station in Iowa City after Adam was killed and Iowa City's water tested positive for Anhydrous Ammonia Nitrogen fertilizer.

Check it out as the farm family in this documentary got their well test report, unlike me, but was not told to test for Anhydrous Ammonia but they did take the correct precaution and drilled to a deeper yet safe aquifer.

Since there is no feasible filter for Ammonia Nitrogen as N. Farmers need to be applying for legal drainage permits like I was required to do all of the years I farmed in that Aquifer Recharge Area.

Veronica Lack, on Adam's old Facebook. As July 13, is the day 7 years ago that Adam was killed, I was hoping more people would at least see the area that Russ and I had mapped out in and would understand what tests they should do on their source water as the IDNR and the EPA have not stopped this Point Source Pollution Plume.

All of these people involved in his death need to be held accountable now! Everyone in the sheriffs needs to be fired and sentence there job is to protect and they did the opposite of that. Adam is dead, I will never get my son or husband Gary back. I have dealt with those losses and have gone on living.

Would they want to have all of the recorded evidence be looked at by another Judge and Jury? Maybe the jury might have relatives that had their health affected before they found out their well was polluted. I realized they did not feel a woman had any rights in Mitchell County. I feel I have property rights in Bremer and Johnson and Dallas Countys so I am suing to protect those Rights Downstream and to demand they not keeping withholding our well test results from me and let me warn the others in this on-going Plume.

This article is completely irresponsible and is surprising how far they've pushed with it risking a lawsuit. Corey, are you related to the Mitchell County Attorney? You didn't hear of any of this is because it's not true. It's her way of coping with his death.

She's lucky she hasn't been slapped with a lawsuit. At least one of the contractors in the pictures had even gotten the Tea Pot Award. And after the breathilizer they did while they let Adam suffer, they knew he was alive and then they started dropping the truck on him.

Supposedly, because he tested high on Ethanol from his work exposure they thought they had an excuse to kill him. That is what the pictures show me, and the accident report backs that up with some of the injuries Adam had that night not shown in any of the pictures yet.

Haganman, has refused to supply the Autopsy report ING wanted in answer to a court ordered subpoena. He had filed life insurance claims for Jim and Margaret and left my children and me out of the division of assets.

So I had to fight that alone as no local attorney would go up against him. Mark Walk then had used the cemetary plot deeds as leverage after Adam was killed.

The nurse admitted that she did not do a report of his fall or give him any aide, and then she did write in her notes his vomit was blood but did not tell us. Paul Royer called in a 1mg dose prescription for that drug to the Medicap pharmacy in Charles City after Linda had already administered the 4mg dose.

Gary was dead within about 4 hours of her giving him the last drugs and within a day of her not reporting a fall because she then would have to do a plan of care and then get Gary to a hospital. When she called and informed Dr. Royer, who had never seen Gary alive or dead, he called someone to have the Champion funeral home employees turn from their route to Osage from our farm and take Gary — who had not yet been seen by a doctor — to the Crematorium in Mason City. He wrote on the death certificate that I had said Gary had died of Colon Cancer.

Then when Adam was to be put to rest I asked Mark Walk, the Mitchell County Attorney, again for the cemetery plot deeds, and he refused but offered to give them to me if I would sign that agreement that Gary had died of Colon cancer. I refused to say Gary died of Colon cancer because it was the fall and the internal bleeding. They now rest together.

THIS is all true.. It will never happen , there are people probably telling them to look the other way and shut up and do so because they get paid better than most people. I live in a small iowa town to….

Corey Alden…you talk like you know something and your words are that of a guilty person. What do you gain by covering this up? I am just heart broken…. Corruption is every where…every county…every state….. I hope that there will be some relief for Mrs. I would like to force them to drink that same water daily……I bet things would change then…….. Lack, I am willing to help you in anyway that I can, I am not an attorney, or rich, but I am willing to help in anyway…This situation could have happened to anyone…..

I think you are a strong woman who deserves answers and peace for your family. This July 13th is the 7th year anniversary since Adam was killed after he chased after the people harassing us. Drink bottled water until your Ammonia Nitrogen as N test is safe especially if you have corn fields near you they now may have Anhydrous Ammonia fertilizer applied on land being illegally drained as Point Source Polluting is how Anhydrous Ammonia Nitrogen fertilizer gets into our Source Waters not by Non Point Source according to ISU researchers.

The agencies did not feel I had the right to my farm and took those 40 or so acres with no compensation, and then threatened me with saying they were going to charge me with farming in the right of way. But they never were made to get the necessary permits for what they were doing and now cause the On-Going Point Source Polluting that endangers Downstream wells. Then they had taken about 42 acres from me with no compensation and now that same group is being funded for doing conservation practices that do not stop any of the Point Source Polluting that their new Flood Channel causes in this Karsted Limestone, very limited soil depth, sinkhole laden, aquifer Recharge area.

The Mitchell County Engineers Bill Groskurs and James Hyde built some of the channels and installed some of the culverts to drain about acres down into our source waters downstream. Our tax dollars should go to supply safe drinking water to the Iowa farm and town families downstream.

Good Water is Life. CAFO and Anhydrous Ammonia contaminated Water is slow death and the contamination is growing because our agencies are concentrating on non-point source pollution and are ignoring Point Source Pollution which is the only way Anhydrous Ammonia can get into our ground water according to ISU. When people with power want something they will buy off anyone to get what they want…..

Once again the justice system has failed a person Adam. My heart goes out to his mother. Our address was Nora Springs but our farm and home where we were harrassed was in Mitchell County and our harassers were mostly Mitchell County male farmers and their male contractors with no legal drainage outlets.

Adam was murdered by a cemetery in a soybean field just east of Carpenter about 20 miles north of Nora Springs as shown in the 26 pictures.

He had started swerving at the sign that warned of a T intersection and had no brakes to slow for the S curve with the car slowing in front of him, he had his seatbelt on and had to avoid running over the Chevy Impala. So he was forced to take the ditch. How does something like this happen? How can one, let alone dozens of supposedly soul bearing humans do this. To murder and cover it up in a mob mentality?

The movie Hanabal is a childrens nursery rhyme in comparison to this real life nightmare of a story and in Iowa. I worked for this man. Spent time with his family. It is a great loss! Adam, you will have justice one day my friend! Photos showing the murder in progress and still nothing is done. The following workshops are open to all students, faculty, and staff. There is no need to register in advance. Registration is now open for the Creative Kick-Start Program! Want to make that project a reality?

Registration is now open…. Thanks to Aeon, visitors to any of the special collections reading rooms will be able to: Set up an online account in…. With the new school year beginning, Special Collections has brought in 21 new manuscripts for the fall semester for professors, students, and enthusiasts to enjoy and learn from. These manuscripts are on loan from Les Enluminures, a…. Workshops are free but there may be….

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