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Hot guy with addys looking for company

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Oh, what a night! Congratulations to all the producers, the cast and crew, the nominees — and to Amy, Daniel, Alex, and Rachel. Stay tuned for more soon! The cast and creators of The Marvelous Mrs. Check out the article here! We cordially congratulate the entire cast and crew on your continued success. See the full list below. Maisel has won two Golden Globe awards! Check out the trailer here! Mickey took a second world tour and The Hall was with him as he caught fans unawares all over the world — check it out!

Set in the s and the s, Wonderstruck tells two stories simultaneously that ultimately become one; the first is of a young boy in the Midwest in the 70s and the second, a young deaf girl in New York in the s; the mystery of their connection is the heart of the film — and its magic. Writing in the Village Voice , Bilge Ebiri says 'Todd Haynes's out-of-time city symphony Wonderstruck lives up to its name … [and is] intoxicating and new. Mozart in the Jungle and Transparent have been nominated for the Primetime Emmy awards for their second and third year in a row.

With Mozart in the Jungle at a total of three nominations and Transparent at seven, we cordially congratulate you on your continued success. The Picrow office — what we like to think of as a mix of old Hollywood glamour, the erudition of Oxford's Bodleian Library, and an overgrown Elvish tree house — was recently featured on Frame. The collaborative video-editing platform regularly posts film and editing inspiration ranging from the scheduling strategies of SNL Editor Adam Epstein to the footage sharing tactics of the makers of IFC's Documentary Now.

And lo and behold, amidst all of their work to make collaboration that much easier, you can find a glossy plus image layout of our crib. Scroll through the images to get a feel for the place we call home, from the library, to the production suites, to the trees and koi that hold us in place.

And if you look closely you might also gain a little insight into our hardware, our canine collaborators, and our reading lists. Caprice is especially keen on working with our turnkey production collective The Hall. Unforgettable — winner of Gold award for television commercial campaign. Mickey Around The World won bronze in the integrated branded content category. Seven Million Views and Counting! The Hall shot its way around the world with Mickey Mouse. More buzz about the film from: The trailer for Starfish , a new British indie feature, has debuted and a release date of October 28th has been announced.

Tom Riley and Joanne Froggatt star in the film, which is based on the true-life story of Tom and Nicola Ray , a young couple who fought to keep their family together when Tom was diagnosed with a rare and life-changing illness. Follow the film news at facebook. Starfish premieres in theaters October 28th. The Emmy Award Nominations have been announced and two Picrow-produced series for Amazon Studios received 11 nominations in total.

Here is the full list:. Read the Variety review here. The original Enterprise, first shot on the stage at Seward, gets a facelift from the Smithsonian. Read the story here. The original Enterprise model moves down Seward St. The triple headed optical printer that did effects for Star Trek when they were done by Westheimer Optical at , now the home of Picrow. Picrow produced and directed this inspiring spot which introduces you to Shaylee, a young Deaf girl, and takes you along as she and her family meet Disney characters who use American Sign Language to talk with her.

This film is produced along with virtual reality studio Wevr. Yellow Shoes and The Hall's Unforgettable spot for Disney featuring the Mansfield family finally hit the internet on Monday after spending some time being featured as an in-theater promo before Star Wars: The Force Awakens and as a broadcast spot on the Disney Channel.

In less than 72 hours online, it has racked up over 4. In their April 12 issue, Adweek notes Unforgettable has logged over 11 million views on Facebook and Youtube! The Hall's Unforgettable spot for Disney featuring the Mansfield family. Manny, Sheena, Shaylee, and Ivy were a dream to work with, and have kept us in the loop on how the piece is being received by the Deaf community which has been very important to us. Here are links for Picrow's Facebook page , more work from the guys down The Hall , and some stuff from the rest of Picrow , here.

Following his win, Bernal praised Amazon Studios saying, "We get complete creative freedom, and that is such a luxury nowadays. To be able to experiment, to change things, to play around, it's lovely. Unlimited Pictures, sister company of Picrow, adds a new film to its lineup of active projects, as Peter Lang, Claire Best, and Diana Phillips take on executive producer roles for the British indie feature Starfish.

Starfish is based on the true-life story of Tom and Nicola Ray, a young couple who fought to keep their family together when Tom was diagnosed with a rare and life-changing illness. Amazon Studios continues to break new ground with its darling series Transparent , which was awarded five Emmys. The show creator Jill Soloway was recognized for her directing role, receiving the award for outstanding directing in a comedy series. Jeffrey Tambor took home the Emmy for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series.

It represents what Amazon has done and what the transgender community is doing and what our show is about. This is the first Emmy win for the streaming channel.

Hand of God debuts today on Amazon Prime. It is the newest Picrow-produced drama from Amazon Studios. The series stars Ron Perlman Sons of Anarchy , Hellboy as the morally corrupt Judge Pernell Harris who suffers a breakdown and believes that God is speaking directly to him.

This compels him onto a path of vigilante justice. Amazon subscribers in the U. Picrow would like to congratulate Jill Soloway on her nods for both writing and directing, as well as the many other deserving nominees. Transparent Emmy Award Nominations: The film takes a closer look at the shooting death of Jordan Davis, a young black teenager, and the trial of his killer Michael Dunn, a white middle-aged male.

Silver Who is Dayani Cristal? It will air in the fall following the theatrical run. The afternoon was truly remarkable and Picrow was proud to have been a part of it.

Picrow-produced musical comedy A History of Radness is among the six new kids pilots announced by Amazon Studios. Amazon Studios and Picrow picked up four nominations from the Broadcast Television Journalists Association for Transparent , including:.

The film debuted at the Sundance Film Festival where it received the U. Domestically the doc will air on HBO following its U. This Amazon Studios series has been well received by critics and fans alike, becoming one of the most streamed kids shows on the channel and receiving a second season order. Amazon Studios and the Picrow team gear up for production on Season 2 of the hit series Mozart in the Jungle. Following the success of his first feature length film, Who is Dayani Cristal?

Viewers can watch, rate, and review to help pick which shows get a full series order. As always, the viewers will be asked to watch and help choose the shows that get a full series order. Follow the links or click the posters to watch —. The volume is building around the campaign we shot for Sennheiser and their groundbreaking new line of Urbanite headphones. Split-screen, the spots highlight the personal connection between a doctor, a nurse and their two young patients.

Watch the Amazon Original Pilots Here. Pictures in a Row would like to thank everyone involved — well done! Amazon Prime Instant Video. Bodies on the Border. Both are members of the SCAN Duals program and receive assistance allowing them to live independently at home instead of moving to a nursing facility. Kathleen is a grandmother of 25 and a great grandmother of over 20 more! Joanne wonders if SCAN might consider covering her dog, Mogley, since he is clearly a member of her family.

We were delighted to meet both of these vibrant ladies. Congratulations to Margaret Malandrucculo on receiving not one but two Juno Award nominations! Check out the videos here: Fire It Up and Testify. I love where advertising is going, storytelling using different platforms. Picrow is a seductive place to bring your ideas. Peter was delighted to accept the award, especially since it required a trip to Vegas.

One of the stars of our recent MassMutual shoot listens in on the audio. He insisted on bringing his dog to set. Meanwhile, Peter discovered a fascinating new concept… Seaweed? Behind-the-scenes star, Kristy, gets in front of the camera before our recent TurboTax comedy shoot.

Find out more here. The accolades keep coming in! For more links and info, check out our previous News Updates. Since their debut in October, they have racked up a combined 4.


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Dopamine spikes mostly when you are eating food and having sex. I have been a addict to drugs from the time i have been I am now Picrow is proud to have been a part of it. And while Pictures in a Row is not currently in development on any Science Fiction extravaganzas, we can say that our history extends from this future-leaning genre. In , Westheimer Company was one of the most respected visual effects houses.

For 30 years its studio doors were open to industry. The Westheimer Company was an important presence and industry training ground in the field of visual effects. Founder, Joseph Westheimer, was born in Los Angeles and grew up playing on the Warner Brothers lot where his aunt was a secretary to production manager Bryan Foy.

At the tender age of 15, Westheimer began working as a studio messenger and then he eventually moved to the prop department.

After obtaining a degree in electrical engineering from the California Institute of Technology, Westheimer went back to Warner Bros where he got a job in the special effects department—at the time the largest department of its kind. Imagine, if you will, watching the USS Starship Enterprise flying across the night sky, all the intergalactic characters it holds and all the places it would go. Now imagine that foot long and pound model sitting in what is now the Picrow stage.

Visual Effects make their way into many films these days, but it would seem that they started out in genre, which is to say that they began in action, science-fiction, and horror flicks. What is unique about VFX in cinema and television is that they show us what we can only imagine, they make these fantastical realities come to life, and they creatively provide us with new ways to see the potential of film as well as the world itself.

That is the question. Recently Picrow filmed a public service announcement to promote volunteerism sponsored by—believe it or not—the US Navy! The Navy is promoting volunteerism at the individual and organizational level. We followed some of their volunteers around Los Angeles to see all of the important different things that we can all give our time to. Volunteers help restore an adobe at the Los Angeles Arboretum.

Produced by Deborah del Prete and Coronet Films: It was a powerful piece about the work the HRW does to advocate for juvenile rights. One of the driving stories follows a girl named Sara K. Focusing on the Juvenile Life without Parole JLWOP sentence, which in 39 states can sentence juvenile offenders to Life without the possibility of parole, the piece tells the story of why and how the HRW advocates for fair sentences for youth offenders.

He spent the past week with brick makers, silversmiths, fife and drum corps and George Washington, and came back with the beautiful pictures to prove it! Fresh out of the leaves and pumpkins of a Virginia Fall, and amidst the pride of a William and Mary College Reunion, Peter Lang got his living history on. So yes, we do want to know, NEED to know, what to do with oversized sweaters, metallic leggings, and hair accessories to best compliment our Brenda Walsh-inspired bangs this Fall.

So, just like everyone else we tune into the website Who, What, Wear. Scott Kassenoff have made it much, much easier for us to get the fashion tips we have been craving! Then to really ice our run walk, Joe continued to work his look, this time teaming-up with Ben Nussbaum to shoot 4 episodes of Ask a Stylist with Joe, Joel and Lisa on editorial, and Adam on graphics.

And what can we say without sounding overly confident? I mean, it looks good. As the sun begins to set a little bit earlier and moves into the sign of Libra. As the Los Angeles heat dissipates a bit, and our lazy days become busy working-girl ones, we would like to take a chance to reflect back on the summer loving we have all done with our cameras.

The New York Times has just posted another one of their user-generated collections of photographs of the summer, and maybe we should do the same… Calling all Picrowers, what did you do on your summer staycation? The answer, we are pleased to report, was a resounding YES! They are planning the wedding festivities summer.

After the proposal everyone went back to the site where the romance all began—The House of Pies to celebrate the young couples bright bright future! Much went into the careful planning and designing of that which we now know as the Pictures in a Row headquarters.

The video is a play on you-tube fandom and our all-around love for Dorito snack foods. The piece features not only the Pictures In a Row conference room, but also Picrow staff members hidden in plain sight. The video is engrossing, pulling the viewer into Mad Max -meets- The Matrix with white sand desert roads and the shock waves of driving fast and hard. In other words, if you are attached to Picrow, then you better choose your font carefully.

So then, might we all agree that language itself is art. MIT is spreading the word on this important therapy. Misko is a self-educated learn-as-you-go director from Finland who loves story telling and making films of any length.

His other loves are dirt, night, shadows, rain, snow, dust, fog, weird characters, 14mm lens, unusual situations, pushing the limits, anything extraordinary, challenge, breaking the rules, hot sauna and jumping out of airplanes. But when the picrow scribe got down and dirty with him he let his true colors shine, or rather, he shone with these photos of his free-time activities parachuting.

Picrow-ers went to New York and Boston this week to visit some rehab facilities that are using robotics therapy to help children with Cerebral Palsy.

The first stop on the trip was the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston. Here we met the two doctors involved with Lokomat trails, Dr. Paulo Bonato and Dr. The Lokomat, as they explained it, is used to help perform therapy on the lower extremities. It is robot-assisted walking therapy. The children that we met seemed to greatly benefit from using the Lokomat—one girl, Allie, went from using a walker to being able to use crutches, and another boy, Evan, learned to walk without the use of his crutches.

We also spoke with Dr. Donna Nimec, a specialist in this field, who told us that she was initially skeptical about the usefulness of the machine, but after using the Lokomat herself and seeing the results with the patients, she became a convert. The parents that we spoke with were all very pleased with the increased mobility of their children thanks to the Lokomat, and they expressed and desire for more of them in more locations.

But before our departure, the Spaulding Rehabilitation folks showed us another therapy machine, the Armeo, which is currently being used only on adults. The Armeo is an task-oriented therapy robot to help gain control of the upper extremities. It is currently mostly used in stroke patients, but with more research they are hopeful that the Armeo can be used to help kids with Cerebral Palsy as well. Burke had a large array of therapy robots, the histories of which we had the privilege of learning about from Dr.

Here we met with Dr. Goldenson Technology and Rehabilitation Award, who was involved in some of the early studies of robotics therapy. Krebs collaborated with Dr. Fletcher McDowell and Dr. Based on the success of their initial work, they moved on to try robotics therapy for people with similar impairments, such as children with cerebral palsy.

At Blythedale we also met with Dr. Joelle Mast who filled us in on some current studies that were being conducted with the MIT Manus, which focuses on therapy for the arm. Finally, we caught-up with Dr. McDowell to learn a little more about how robotics came into use. McDowell got his inspiration from an article he had read about a doctor who had suffered a stoke and felt that when his arm was moved repetitively for a long period of time, he would start to feel like he could move it himself.

After hearing about the robotics being developed to do just these sorts of movement repetitions, McDowell got involved in studies on stroke patients at Burke Rehabilitation Center. He takes legos and re-imagines them as part of the New York cityscape! Listen, I know you are capable. So, I at least expect a submission from him!

It is as if The New York Times were reading our minds! This is like a Pictures in a Row does Obama spread. The pictures they received truly run the gamut from people present at the inauguration to people holding babies up to signs that say Obama or holding puppies against the TV screen. Also, here is our humble Picrow celebration of the inauguration. We are workaholics, but we are also rediscovering our patriotism—once lost, now found! Today he received The Student of the Month Award!

He clearly deserves it and we are beyond proud—plus a little jealous. Holidaze are upon us. As we gear up for the new year we all just wanted to wish you a fabulous and thank all the picrow-ers and friends for a great oh eight! Picrow party pictures to come…. A toolbox hits rock bottom. Venus, Jupiter, and the smiling moon were out in full force tonight. They could be seen all over the world huddled together and shining brightly.

Kate Montgomery Monty went up to Griffith Park after work to try and take some pictures of them, but they had started to be cloud covered. How beautiful is this!?! It inspires us to want to start crafting away. What else are we supposed to do with ourselves as we pretend to enjoy the company of others? Oh, maybe we are supposed to actually enjoy the company of others. So one of our favorite dancers, Faye Driscoll, has a new piece entitled Venice Boulevard.

It is about her growing up out west. Theres a lot of fighting and feeling, hearts on sleeves, and in-fighting. Here is some bug art for you. We sprayed for termites. And Peter was hard at work documenting the stripes that went up all around the office. Now you can see what it looked like both inside and out. And we are super tough, but also like to indulge in the name of co-worker bonding and love. Here is one picture of us being scared out of our gourds.

This week at the Plavix shoot the falcon stole the show. He swooped by to keep all the birds away from the shoot, and instead was everyones favorite winged-thing in all of So Cal. Forever relevant it seems. You are very worthy, DQ! It is not uncommon in this day and age to see technology married to art. This is a less analog, more grainy and more immediate for of artwork.

Some may say, no, and some may say yes. And we are here to say- sometimes no, but sometimes yes. Take for instance, our resident pixie, Kate Montgomery. Take this chat art, if you will, made with Kate on location in Austin, Texas and her Picrow comrades at home in Los Angeles. Might I suggest the aesthetics of immediacy? Joe, Jason, Ben and Peter got together to show our new client the ideas that run the Picrow train of aesthetic genius.

Jason and Ben gave a little pitch. Daniella wanted even more Matthew Barney in this world and suggested Cremaster Cycle. In true Zach fashion Mr. Brewer Ball suggested the words: Constabulary, Cribage, Curvaceous, Clapper, and Crowpie and gave as extensive definitions for each word. Monty was also very into the Curvaceous suggestion. Marti confidently proclaimed the new name was simply- Coagulum. And me, Gossip Girl, well thats one secret I will never tell…..

A recent survey asking what we should call our new RAID produced some interesting results. The only requirement was that the name started with a C.

He wanted to butch it up. DQ suggested, ofcourse from his iPhone, Carpe Diem! Joel McW suggested his favorite lunch sandwich name, Copacabana with chicken.

Charles Butler gave us such gems as: Coelacanth, Cerulean, Conflagration, Corpuscle. Adams suggestions of Calligraphy and Cartography were quite proper.

It is true that once upon a time we did a flashy shoot for Jaguar. There were lights, cameras, and actions. But mostly there were lights and fast cars. Truly my favorite thing about these pictures is the lights. Did I mention that? The silver car with the criss-cross Hollywood searchlight format hit the Beverly Center with a vengance.

Here are some of the pictures we took. Kristy Kessler had a baby boy tonight, September 12th! His name is Finian Thomas.

We simply must share these remaining photographs from The Langs Adirondack journey. So you may have thought that the previous post on the Stealth Crew was all there was for their Tejas trip. Oh boy, were you wrong as ever. Kate was replaced by the multi-talented Nicole Vaskell.

You may think I flatter, but indeed beyond being stellar at everything production-related, Nicole can write with her toes! Nicole also has a love of squirrels. They frolic around her. Stealth Crew Number Two also found some delicious Texan cuisine, and had a delicious likeness of them drawn. And not to worry folks, I am sure there will be more Stealth Crew shenanigans to report in the near future. Apparently we have a new undercover Picrow employee. He has been spotted on multiple occasions selling fruits on the corner of Melrose and Vermont.

Let us know if you see our secret Picrow-er! Take a picture and email it to us! I would like to introduce the Stealth Crew version 1. And whilst working on the delicious task of following around CCI grads in their work places, they visited the Congress Avenue Bridge to see the nightly Bats fly. They shot guns at a local shooting range, did some more shooting, and finally did some more shooting. I think our favorite flavors are.

This is sort of our look. Good Luck old DQ! We will put out the positive production vibes and cross our fingers and dot our eyes. Kate Montgomery took some glamour shots of our Telly Awards. She should start a photographer blographer! At a recent trip to the mall Jerry Pyle did some poses for a new look! He hearts Hannah hardcore. Do we approve of the backpack? Or is he trying a little TOO hard to hold on to his youth? Peter, Electra and the little Langs went on their annual trip to the Adirondacks and these are the photos he returned to share with the gang.

They watched the sunset, relaxed on the lawn, and indulged in the sweeter things. But what is a mountain holiday without a little sport? And what is a Lang without a little movement? Everything in slow motion. We have three new lovely ladies in the office. Some have been here longer than the others.

Nicole is a recent film etudiante from USC. She is very stylish. Lisa is another stolen gem from the Ohio wilderness. Daniella is a mystery warrior. And there are beautiful pictures to prove it. And our other favorite Nussbaum was there too! Congratulations our fair prince, you have become a man. So, as it is known, we do not wear the most elaborate of outfits. For your viewing pleasure, please find the outfits we adorned for Fancy Friday! In other newsworthy news, Adam Sakellarides took over the Nussbaums, the Joseph Remerowskis and Charles Sons of the world in the big Friday the 13th ping pong challenge!

Charles Son came on strong, having knocked out the big guns Ben and David Mastron , only to lose to Adam in a crushing final match. Stay tune for more on the Picrow sports-a-thon wagon. Picrow has received some fine awards, the Telly Awards to be exact. Tellys are given to the shiniest tools in the shed to promote creativity and overall excellence in television production.

And check this out we won three for: Congratulations, our creative knights of the oblong picrow office table! He is back to reign. The second ever tournament will be held on Friday the 13th. Austin, and Jaques Derrida in his search for a linguistic signifier to convey his cryptic and illuminating passions.

With his pulse on the inconsistencies and ruptures in language, he partakes of the CCI creative struggle through ruptures and breakages in the chain of meaning. I am a baby possum.

I live in a spacious drainage pipe in the Southeast corner of the Pictures in a Row parking lot. I was discovered there last night by one Mr. Peter Lang who kindly fed me an apple. You humans often mistake my kind for rats and for this we are unjustly and gruesomely murdered. Please do not kill me. I eat insects, frogs, birds, snakes, small mammals, and earthworms.

My favorite foods are fruits and I love apples and persimmons so if you feel so inclined you may leave a nice slice of apple by my drain pipe and I will love you forever. The Summit is an award given to small and medium sized advertising companies who are outstanding! Both the wins were for Corinthian Colleges. Yes, that is how much we love them! Then we were recognized thrice for The Healthcare Marketing Award. The ladies, once again, were winning everything- Dance Dance Revolution, Pool, and all the other games you can think of.

Emmy Grinwis rejoiced at another whammy, or rather she rejoiced at the bowling equivalent of a whammy. Jerry Pyle had some emotions too. We encourage those here. But our favorite bowler and gamer of the evening was the very lovely, talented and oh-so-appreciated Nikki Reddix! At the end of the night we all got together for a lovefest group picture. SD, we salute you! Is this enough proof for you?

Or do you need more? Trust me when I tell you that we will surely be back! There is a divide among the office nerds on the subject of BSG. And an art-nerd or a tech-nerd is decidedly a cool nerd these days.

Some of us think it is, to put it simply, lame. Others think it is the second coming. Check out the new poster. Or maybe we should do a mini Picrow employee photo compilation in homage. I guess this will have to do. It was very valley of us! And plus, what could be more inspirational for the flow of our creative juices? Here is the photographic evidence from our hot little phones!! Mirrors and mirrors of our enthusiasm! This is all to say that we are thinking Robotics these days.

We feel like an army of cyborgs, with hands that turn into final cut stations, eyes that zoom out into digital video cameras, and minds that expand into PDA lists.

And we wonder, is this a good thing? Is there some back-to-nature that we are missing? Or was his name Ben?

Although the cake said Don, I believe that he was known around the office as Benjamin Nussbaum. At his farewell party there was much revelry including a Mr. The main thing I hate when he flirts with other females is that he tells them that he still has feelings for them but he is telling this to his supposedly friends..

I know that he was never with these girls.. Why would he tell them that,if never been with them? I did talked to him about it why the heck are you flirting with these girls and he said to let stress out.. I told him to respect me and to stop flirting but of course he has not stopped.. The other day I found a piece of paper in his pants with a girls phone number and asked him calmly what is this and he said that she is just a friend and that the reason why he got her phone number was because she was a cool person and has cool curly hair..

I think that was bullshit why? Another thing to is that when we go out to eat or go to the store he checks out girls and later on I find out he adds those exact girls on Facebook and Instagram..

I told him that to stop checking out girls because that is being disrespectful to me and few weeks ago he added a girl on Instagram; the girl he added was a girl he kept staring when we went to go out to eat at a restaurant and I of course I got upset and told him to unfollow her and he did unfollow her..

Why was he out so late if he had to go to work the next day? Another thing to is that one day he told me he was going out with his family to go eat and I asked his mom and she said that was not true then another day he told me he had to go to his grandpas house because his grandpa was not feeling good and ask my boyfriends mom if her dad was okay and she yes and I also asked her if my boyfriend went with them to her dads house and she said no that he went out that night..

I think he was going out to hang out with other girls.. He denied being on Facebook but I am not stupid I know why he was awake being on Facebook so late and lying to me that he was going to sleep.. I been living with him for six months..

When he still does.. Help me, I need an advice!!! I hope that this is behind yu now and that you are either single or with someone else. But what I am going to say refers not only to you but to me in your age and to many women of all ages: The part that stuck out to me was the part where you said you knew what kind of guy he was from the get go.

My boyfriend and I dated long distance for two years. I ended up moving to his state to further our relationship. Two days after I got here I went to get on the computer and his twitter page was pulled up.

I found a particularly interesting conversation of him with a girl where he claimed we fought all the time, had nothing in common, and that he was stuck with me because I was pregnant 5 months at this time I was devestated to say the least!

I tried for a day to figure out how to bring it up because to confront him would mean to admit I had indulged my childish side. But he could tell something was wrong and when he asked I told him. I was going to move back home. I do not tolerate lies above all! But now even as our daughter is 3 months old I cant help but not trust him, and Im not as attracted to him as I use to be.

No matter what he says. So basically you dont always know what kind of guy your dealing with, some put up fronts and walls. So me and my boyfriend of three years broke up. I couldnt deal with his lying anymore.

He tried to cbver up his lies with more lies. This hurt me deeply. I asked him why he lies so much nd why he doesnt take me seriously.

He said he does, but then he would go right back to kying to ne again. Hed lie about who he was with, where he was, wat he was doing. I realized he didnt have interest in me anymore wen he started to add naked girls on his IG and random chicks on his FB. I cried , screamed, sat him down and talked to him… basically anything i coyld possibly do to make him see how much it hurt me to see that stuff. Then one day i find out hes talking to one of his sisters friends behind my back and he was going on escorts site.

That hurt me more… i asked why doesnt he love me, why myst he do that and all i gotten was a laugh in the face. I guess i wasnt the one for him. Therefre hes not the one for me.

It hurts bc i spent three years with someone who can just throw me away and blame me for everything. What do i do? This is why, it must be over: You would not give a misbehaving 5 year old an ice cream cone every time the child acts poorly would you?

This guy straight up acts like a 5 year old and you should not reward him any longer. My best advice for you: Perhaps, if it helps you can decide to nickname this person that used to mean something and no longer means anything.

Whatever it takes to want to puke when you think of this person and wish you could have someone burn the memories out of your soul into oblivion. Until this person is nothing inside you any more. Why do you still have feelings for this person? Because you are highly invested, emotionally especially. Your feelings are what they are. They are not likely to change. The important thing is, recognize, you can feel that way about others. So many before you, and so many after you have and will be where you stand now.

Also, I recommend a period of up to 3 months per year you dated of possibly staying single. Discover or rediscover your independence. This statement is VERY important. It is not saying that. What it IS saying is, there is something you can choose to do moving forward to prevent similar scenarios: This may feel impossible, but it is NOT. It takes a few things: Knowing what you want being one of them and then accepting nothing less.

I hope this helps and even if not I hope it gives you some perspective to work with. You can do it. Become a strong independent woman that other women look up to and men drool lining up to be with you and you will have a world of suitors to replace this chump-change with. I have to hurry to meet people and no time to proofread this, so I ask you: I read your reply every time i start to pity myself. Then after i read it i realize it not my fault but his own. Hes mentaly still a child and his choices are his choices alone.

I really appreciate the support. I thought my world was caving until I gave into desperate measures to find out how to deal with this because I do love this boy too much to flush everything down the drain. Thank you for a raw, unromantic, non sugar coated answer. I understand now not to blame myself or blow up something that was most likely nothing compared to what we have.

You saved an awesome relationship for real. Hi Eric, I see my relation in this topic. I know he has an obsession with huge breasts, blondes, blue eyes, pale skin. In his teens he had a very made case of acne and shut himself out from the world in shame of his skin.

I know that has affected him as a person. Conversations with women he long time ago met on Badoo and started talking too now. I love him and after my pain I saw this from the perspective that he needs help. I tell him how attractive he is, beautiful, hard working and sexually desire him. All this because I think so, but I also do it extra for him to feel a little better. If we move to a town he has contact with someone, what a shame. I have him time to see what this is doing to our relation and he told me he blocked everyone he was talking to.

Yet ofcooooourse this is a bit silly I see him commenting girls pictures with hearts and telling them how beautiful they are and asking for their numbers, kiks. And I asked why he would do that after our fight. And we would be back in the same old and I would honestly change my ticket and fly back home over the Atlantic and feel so frustrated and sad.

Hi im dating a guy who is much younger than me woman keeps posting pictures of him on social media saying that they are with him so i confront him about it cause i was really upset so he said hes not with them they jus like posting pics of him so i then said well you need to control what people post cause its affecting me he then said he cant control what these girls post on there profile. My question is what should i do about this? Never allow someone to treat you like a backburner fallback.

Hello, I am a 22 year old women dating a 27 year old man. I truthfully dont like this article one bit. Its just not fair for us women to have to deal with a person who has a void they cant seem to fill.

My boyfriend just last night told me he misses being promiscuous. I juat dnt kno what to do.. I feel like a fool, i also feel like i wasted three years of my lie with someone whos not taking me seriously. What should i do? He sounds bored based on what you said.

Not your fault nor his. People get bored sometimes. The only way it will work out is if you both want it to. Usually, a man should say directly what he wants and if he tells you that then he means it. Most of the elements, to me, are irrelevant..

It sounds like you care about him.. I could tell you what to do.. I could tell you what I would do.. But, what I feel would be best is for you to also work to be decisive, make a decision about this for yourself and then go with that decision.

This is just my opinion, I hope it helps or if not offers you perspective before making your own decision. I could recall him saying that he wants nothing to do with her because she is stupid etc.. I know that I am part to be blame because I accepted that from the first place because I am always forgiving him because he always says that he will stop doing what he does to hurt me but in actually waiting for him to change is like waiting for rain when it comes to drought hopeless and disappointing.

Do you think me a woman who is always around and always ready to work on my weakness in the relationship should keep believing him or keeping hurting? But why does this make me feel this bad to have to seek this blog and ask for advice?

Should I stop taking this personal? Is this something every guy is going to do? Yea…well im a hot girl devoted and loyal, and i cant drink for health reasons. I treat my longtime boyfriend of 7 years awesome, in all areas. He loves to drink alot, and he makes moves on ugly, fat, alcoholic bitches, all the time. He tries to bed them. Ive contacted them and they told me he tried to get with them.

One even told me he wanted to be with her LTR. I talked to him many times about this problem but he gives me straight lies every time. Conclusion is that he wants me to drink and i cant. So i guess we BOTH will be cheating on each other, and still stay together until one of us finds a better mate. And like my mother always told me, All men are cut with the same scissors..

After a year or 2 in a relation, they start their shit…. The main reason I do, is because I believed men spend so much time trying to supers their emotions for the one they with, by asking for space that they already have. You tlel them how you feel as nice as u can and they ate stone cold or try to find an exit. Because these are all methods to stay detached from you emotionally so they can easily lead you and avoid being hurt themselves, if u decide to treat them the same.

This is so they can depart the relationships with no problem after they are done having all the sex they want from you. Never agree to have sex with just him, never make him a priority during that time. Here is my new experience. I dated a guy who claimed he was looking for the one, not trying to sleep around and done chase women. He knew right away I would not date a guy like that. So for the first 2 months we dated and he never once flirted with other women, always gave me a lot of attention, was a total prince charming.

I thought this was wonderful, but I would find out the catch. Eventually I discovered he had two women stashed away. And the space he claimed he needed for business was actually to spend a week with each one. Also he used me to attract new womem. After the second month he started going to the spots alone, and taking me there only after he was there alone.

Now twice I broke it off for him over this disrespect. Each time he came back claiming he loved me. And every time after asked for sex. I once tested if he was shopping for women while out with him.

I purpose spoke to a woman who I knew was his over all type, I then walked away from her. And left him there to see if he would break his neck to look at her or talk to her like he would normally do. And he didnt, he actually acted aggregated and called my named loudly. Cause I called him out and he knew to talk to her would make it obviouse. I once tracked the time to show him how much he flirts with other women and disses me now. But yet once outside asked me to sleep with him who I declined.

Suddenly we are not exclusive, in love and a couple. What I have leaned ladies, is once man flirts with other women, he is already cheating in his mind, and eventually he will cheat. He will do it either by pushes you away for a while so he can sample some women or out right cheat and tell u they are friends.

And they would say other wise cause their sluts. Ladies men flirt cause they know it easier for them. A slutty woman will willing except a flirt from a man, while his woman stand by.

A man will usually not flirt with a woman whIle she is with her a man, and men know this and take advantage of having the power in the flirting game.

This means, no sleeping in same bed and sex. By that time he is showing his true colors. Because 5 men have used me and lied to me and got me in drama with women from flirting and cheating. Just the other day he pretended to not know me well on a date or walk out with me but tried to get me to hold him in bed. I saw him looking at a woman alot.

I believe he was trying to get rid of me, so he hook up with her. It was mother day and he was shopping for a woman on our date. I hope you all find strength to leave the jerks, like me. I really need some advice. My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over a year now. It is long distance and we see each other every three months for about two weeks at a time.

Recently I had caught him multiple times flirting and texting a girl he met on Tinder. Each time he said he would stop and that he loved me and wanted our relationship to work. It has been four times now and he is still texting her. Eventually I got to the point where I told him that I can deal with the problems in our relationship, just not the lies. If he is open and honest with me about what he is struggling with or not getting from this relationship I will work to try and understand.

On the third time I caught him texting her I was caught between whether to stay and work it out or to respect myself enough to leave. He said he broke my heart and wants to rebuild our trust. But I caught him texting her after that. Last night I did something bad and I looked through his phone. He was getting texts and I wanted to see who it was. Turns out he is still texting her and not only that but chatting up other girls on Tinder as well. His conversations date as far back as four months.

Everything is normal and our relationship is great, apart from this issue. I believes that he still wants to be with me and still loves me. I think he is going to do what he wants regardless. Not only does that feel immasculating as a man, but many women agree that men who defer to women are not attractive to women. Many men have complied with demands like this over the years only to have their women lose respect and leave them [actual respect: Plain and simple, women too often feel complain of being bored with compliant men.

But more constructively, you have basically 2 hard choices: If you choose option 2, however, you must not allow any 2nd chances. You should move forward. Additionally, any future relationships, you should not allow to get to this point and skip the ultimatums. I only know some of his homeboys and like 1 female friend he knows other than his cuz girlfriend.

I have a slight trust issue though. Like I trust him but I gotta keep my eye open type of ish. I just feel that if a man has female friends then it should be boundaries. Line should never be cross. What is the best advice to handle this situation. But he wants to be together.

I also recently check his phone and I found out her name cause she invite him to Google hangout and that she works in the same business as me but in another location.

He also save her under his phone as a dude name. How should I go about to handle this situation? This one for me is complicated alot , i have been with my partner for 5yrs now. I am 23 he is 43 , we get along great as friends and lovers , however , he has always been unable to keep away from other women online , i used to find nudes sent to him all the time in his email.

So naturally i went with my threat and i did leave him , however , now this is where it gets bad. Everyone thinks i am a bitch because i am cold to him in his condition , but should i have to be nice and defeated just because he got sick? As for the online stuff.. I think that is like a playground for adults and it doesnt bother me as much. I love this article, because just now, I found my 3 yr boy friend was chatting and flirting with other girls on his phone and one of then sent him pictures of her private parts.

I am not like model type of girl but I keep working out and maintain a good shape. I dare say my figure is much better than the girls who sent him all the pictures. I am also flirty and oftentimes slutty with him in bedroom. Out of a mistake that I already forgive him, I was pregnant wth him once and he insisted me to have a termination. I love him too much to say no and he has been caring and sweet to me as always. The puzzle is that, I sent him all types of porn style pictures all the time, never said no, and was creative every time.

Whenever he needs me I was there to talk and make him laugh. He has had ups and downs in his life and I wonder where these girls were. The puzzle is, as I beg your advice on this point, what more could I do to fill on that void? I know guys like nude pictures, fine, I give him.

Yet he is not satisfied. Of course, since the pictures and chats are ongoing, he even took nude picture on my bed and sent it to other girl , my worry is that he will meet those girls one day he used to tell me he is not interested in meeting any girls he met online, and those girls he met online and really cheat on me.

Should I tolerate his little habit because I still love him and because maybe all guys r pretty much no better, or should I let him go. BTW does this girl knows he has a gf? Anyway talk to him about it.. Let him know exactly how you feel. So before he mention about space everything was fine until he got a phone call to pick up some stuff so I asked him if I can go along for the ride he said no.

Before we used to go out often, He took me along with him sometimes when he meets his peoples. He rarely takes me anywhere. I let him go out with his homeboys I have no problem with that all I ask from him is to let me know who he is going out with and where he is going. I do question him though so maybe he is tired of me from asking him alot of questions because he says that I want to always be in his business.

He tells me that I need to find some friends and go out. I also found some condoms in the back of his car from moving it before I head out. So I ask is it a man or a female he said female. I questioned him about his space cause I wanted to know what his intentions are. I ask him is he want space to go out and have sex with females because I just found some condoms in your car so whats up with that.

I asked if I can throw away the condoms and he said yea. I just ask because I care and I do love him. I just need some advice on this so I can have a clear head about everything. And also he went out last night yesterday to pick up stuff weed which he told me that he would be back. You tell me you want space you go out and you aint home yet no uh!

I think the dude is lucky to have a woman like you.. Some dudes do things to frustrate their woman intentionally to show her his dominance.. I have learned a bit about how my words can sometimes be misconstrued as blameful, I am not saying shit is your fault..

If you start a new one, look to keep a balance of investment Look to screen new partners up front, before you commit more and more.. Realistically, you should probably just drop this dude..

You are not wrong though, you are just too far invested versus him… I have to go but I hope my words or someone elses here are helpful in some way. He tried to talk to me saying Babes! Cause your right even though he is 29 I would expect to get his shit together because he turning 30 next year. He comes home every night no numbers in his phone..

I just feel like he think he can do better. Dilemma…my boyfriend of six years started working at my job and I specifically asked him to steer clear of chicks there so there would be drama. So I deal with it because I love him.. Hi, basically it would be really great to get a mans opinion on my relationship please. I have been on and off in a relationship for over a year. At first things were great and I was happy, he is a very dominate man. Anyway after a month of first being in a relationship he freely gave me his FB password, I was a little surprised and I never asked for it.

After a week I talked to the people around me and they said he obviously wanted to show me for a reason and I agreed and got back with him. He said he stopped and I believed him and began to trust him again, unfortunately I discovered he had not stopped at all and had been lying to me but I was prepared to just accept it as him being him.

Then he got very close with a girl who lived in the same town as him and was Skyping her on cam and phoning her etc. I made the mistake of spying on his facebook so I was reading everything as he was writing it all. It all got too much for me and I broke up with him, however he would not stop bombarding my phone with calls and texts saying he loves me.

I did get back with him and he stopped talking to her. I realise this may seem petty right now. Any who he continued with other women online regularly and it did eat at my insecurities but I was doing my best to strengthen myself to not let it bother me. As time went on the arguments increased, one time he insisted I message my old best friend a girl if she fancied him and I got really cross and said no. He asked me several times to message her asking if she liked him and it made me feel low, I got very angry and hung the phone up on him in the end.

Anyway he said he was asking me to ask her, so that if she did he could show me he only wanted me not anyone else. Later on he admitted to saying things like that to get me out of my mood swing. I have a son, who is very young but not a baby and he has been a great guy around him and taught him well. Anyway we broke up and everyday day he would ring my phone at least twice a day, sometimes roughly 40 times a day and after 2 months he continued and never answered until he started sending me emails, I did reply, probably very silly of me I know.

But he wants to change and make things better, he has just begun counselling and is going to go on anger management courses and depression courses. I have seen him a few times since and it has been pretty good minus a few minor blips. He is very caring, kind, helpful, makes me laugh and he is very generous most of the time, we seem to fit really well together and have so much in common.

Makes me feel very happy when things are going rather well. Sometimes I feel lucky to have him in lots of ways. He pushes me to do well, pushes me to study my theory for driving and encourages me to do well. He has suggested couples therapy to help deal with our issues.

He is also an alcoholic but has quit alcohol for nearly 3 weeks now and he also has a gambling addiction. So my main question, do you think he can really change the abusive behaviour or is it all for show?

He obviously needs help, but so do you. Get away from this man before he kills you in a crimeof passion. This sounds very serious. There is no real shame in asking for help. I think he can, but he has to choose to. Based on what I read, past history does not sound like he has been ready to do so. I respect that he drives you to achieve and that is great however, ultimately you will need to do that yourself as will he need to make those changes in his life, for himself.

Sometimes when past events outweigh everything, going separate ways is an opportunity for a new beginning for both parties, a clean slate with a new partner that does not have a troubled past.. If you go to new relationships, this is not a constructive question. Knowing that only clouds the scenario further. I just wish more people who feel the need to explore the dating world would remain single while they shop around because it is more honest with less consequences. Easier said than done.

Know what you want and accept nothing less. Most people know how it feels to want a relationship to work and care about someone and not wanting to lose that but you should trust your gut, your heart and your mind all three and a new start may be in order. I also highly recommend to people getting out of relationships to spend up to 6 months single when possible to develop or redevelop a sense of independence before dating again.

Ultimately you should attempt to train yourself to know what you want and then it becomes easier to ignore and reject those things that are counterproductive to your goals. This is my personal perspective and I hope even if there are people who disagree that it is either helpful in some way or you find your path in this great world we have.

I understand you are upset about this situation. I try to offer advice. Attempt to take most of what I say literally here and not to read into it too much. I try to steer women to look at actions over words because many women get jealous over us men communicating with other women but I personally feel as long as we CHOOSE not to act upon it, it is ok.

More often I see the complaints about the communication but I feel this one hits close to home from a relationship I had many years ago and partners ago. The best I can tell you is, to decide what you want and what is most important. It is not uncommon for attraction to fade amongst partners. My parents always did though, so that varies. It is a major challenge, no doubt. Essentially, I would advise you to consider what is the best for your children.

Does he provide for them an opportunity for a better future? If so, consider some options. First, you need confidence. Obviously, something like this is a total confidence blow. I met a woman with 3 kids last night who is getting a divorce from a 13 year marriage she said was with the only man shed ever been with and he was cheating with 4 women. What I would recommend is to find 2 or 3, strong confident women friends. Just attempt to emotionally detach a bit and find any way possible to get some space.

Going to the gym is huge if possible or some sort of regulat exercise. Time apart to reflect helps. Focusing on yourself helps. Building your confidence and your body helps. If you must, use some jealousy to wake his arse up. Find a few solid strong personality women friends. Look to separate emotionally. Also, as a man, and also as an experienced dater as well as a casual observer, one of the things we do to show our dominance is to not allow women to boss us around.

How do you not be those? My goal is to debunk the negative side that it is to blame a woman but to instead attempt to empower women that they should not reward this behavior. Also us men, our friends roast us for listening to women. Decide what you want? However, the best policy is to reward positive behavior and NOT crack down, but ignore the crappy behavior. Give him the steering wheel to your relationships future.. LET him steer the fate. Only cook him food if he sits down with you and your children for dinner.

Otherwise, just cook for them and eat on your own. However, this thing is one sided and you need to tip the scales a bit in your favor. Also, you will need to consider and prepare yourself mentally, for your children, if the final result will be that you will leave him.

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