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And where I believe like many others, that we should not speak ill or negatively of others—I think the stark lies and duplicitous what an accurate word!! And I feel that anyone that does not take this warning of looking into this allegations or facts is in serious danger of being deceived. I am not attempting to influence any reader to think one way or the other. God gave us each a mind with which to think and make decisions but he also gave us the spirit of discernment for our protection and for His glory.

Thus any decision you make concerning the JSM has to answered to to God and as a steward how you spend the money He entrusted you with. If your consciousness is clear—then support them. If it is not and the Holy Spirit checks your action—then do not support them. I want to thank all who have participated in this thread and in other similar site for enlightening me and thus allowing my to make up my own mind concerning JSM. Which I am saddened to admit the overwhelming evidence against is convincing but I am also glad that I have found all before mismanaging what funds the Lord has entrusted me.

The commentaries and books…. Oh, I will keep them to double check myself when I am researching further topics with opposing views. And I hope you find the answer to what you are searching for I have. You are more discerning than a lot of people. So many just keep blindly following. It seems to me you have a sincerity too. We have been worshipping with the jsm via direct tv..

We have been saved for 23 years and were saved in a baptist church. The Lord is using Jimmy Swaggart again and his music to win the world to Jesus. We give to them …yes we do and we love to give to help them get Bibles to preachers in foreign countries and to buy air time. They preach the true word of God,without judging you. I feel blessed to hear Billy Graham or Franklin Graham preach. Also,someone told me,they wrote to Billy to request the book they were offering,but the person said they did not have any money.

Billy sent them the book anyway,free of charge. They never took the whole time begging for money. I feel far more blessed listening to Billy or Franklin preach.

They are true men of god,in my opnion. Yet the Swaggarts claim that unless one is filled with the H. Clearly, this is false! The Swaggarts et al continually make claims that are laughably ignorant and false…eg, if a believer fails to confess a sin, the guilt of that sin rests upon them they are not forgiven!

I could go on and on…. Like Swaggart always says most of his congregation were Catholics. So they fall for anything and Swaggart loves that. It has been almost 2 months and still it is not up for discussion. If you found something offensive in it or untruth that you wish not to publish it then please just delete it from your site and let me know that this has been done. Trust and respect must be earned!

Any organization that structures itself like JSM is not trustworthy! I have given to them for 20 yrs. Actually, the Lord DOES expect us to be good stewards of the money, time and talent that he gives us! Any charity or religious organization asking for money should be vetted by the donor. Your last two sentences are quite surprising!! JSM exhibits classic nepotism! All the power for decision-making resides with a Swaggart family member.

Listen,I have lived and I have learned. As for keepin it in the family and not caring who says what…. Bobby Kennedy was the Atty. You have no argument. What do you do? I know they are doing more than me. I like the Swaggarts. They are a rough bunch that do not take alot off people. I believe Donnie Swaggart is a stand up person and a good man.

His Son Gabriel seems to be the same. In response to your question about Baptist. I can even forgive. I have yet to watch sbn without hearing one of the swaggarts or one of there associate pastors or another pastors come preach with out bringing up the message of the cross.

The cross did not lay down it life for me Jesus did. I have never heard so much bragging either. Put not hour alms before men. The constant begging for money how about trusting in God to supply your needs.

Doris, Thanks for responding. I was around before, during and after his public humiliation. Their inappropriate grammar, word-usage, pronunciation, is unbearable at times.

I wish, in fact I pray, that they go off the air. They embarrass me, as a Christian, because they give Christians a bad name! They are not honest people. I say this because they set up their organization the way that dishonest people do….

I have paid very close attention to the people that follow and support them. There are a lot of charlatans when it comes to TV preachers, but this family is a cut above them all!

I am curious about something, though. The woman is never to be seen, and rarely mentioned by Donnie. She is never in any video of the services. There are rumors on the internet, but who knows what to make of that. Something seems very strange about their relationship and her place in that family.

Do any of the parishioners dare to comment? Are you related to Bob Henderson? Are you his sister? They try to have fun and show their humanity. The only one I think is arrogant is Francis. That could be a cover for being so country.. Jimmy Swaggart has been forgiven by the Lord Jesus and has worked his way through the mental anguish of his downfall.

No…This is my opinion based on the Holy Word of God. No I am being serious …are you just a commentor like me or do you have a specific agenda in your questions to me?

How do you know this? So which is it? What you are asking me would require knowing a persons heart. I have to decern what I believe to be evidence of a changed life. I do believe he keeps short sin accounts with the Lord. I have to take him at his word. That is what he claims.. I would refer you to the way the Lord has promoted jsm. As for the first part of your last comment…we at least agree on one thing: You seem very concerned about Swaggart and his reputation…but how concerned are you about all the people whose lives were damaged by his sin and deceit?

Even more importantly, how concerned are you about the fact that he drug the Holy name of Christ through the mud and brought dishonor to the One that he professed to be his Lord? When I first read this, my mouth literally fell open. It seems you hate the Swaggarts.

People are still being hurt by his sin problems in the year It seems I hate the Swaggarts? I hate their hypocrisy. I hate the stain that they are to the name of God and to the gospel of Christ.

I pray that they repent of their sin and wrongdoing while they still have the opportunity to do so. I am making short comments and hurriedly. Keep the smarty pants remarks to yourself. I do uphold for the grace of God to restore such a one back to fellowship with God. I believe in the grace of God being able to restore a believer back to fellowship with God…but there has to be repentance.

I have a feeling You will never be satisfied. Without going back to look at my comment. I do believe I said repentance. Which simply means an about-fact. What do you think about Jim Woolsey? Do you think you are perfect? I know I fail the Lord everyday and I have to ask forgiveness all the time. The higher the fall the more people see it. The Lord will only take so much IF they are as you say. Many people seem to miss the fact that the Swaggarts blame others for what happened to Jimmy!!

They never concede that his sin is what brought them down!! They are very bitter and angry to this day…at the Assembly of God, at Marvin Gorman, at the devil!! They plainly state that Jimmy answers to no one accept the God in his own mind! Only the weakest, feeble-minded person would ever buy that! Or anyone who the Swaggarts believe they need to further their own kingdom.. I hate to call what they do as ministry, because it is the antithesis of that!

Just because someone has a little truth mixed into what they say does not negate all of the lies, deception and false doctrine! The Swaggarts make all sorts of claims about how big, how successful,SBN is. Of course, there is NO independent verification of their claims. If what they claim is true, why not publish a financial report to their donors??

Their claims that pastors have requested 10,, 15, bibles in one country is highly suspect! Have you ever noticed how the bible-thons raise about what the shortfall happens to be during their monthly fundraiser? Have you investigated their claims before you decided to give your precious resources to them? Television is a powerful medium! Why do you think there are so many Christian TV networks popping up? There is a new one almost every year!

I hate to admit this, but many Christian people are Sooooo gullible. It breaks my heart! They make it look so easy…. The Body of Christ needs to wake-up! God has given us a brain, our intellect, common sense, discernment with the help of the Holy Spirit, to make good judgments. We will be held accountable for the resources God has given us.

No human being is unaccountable to all human authority! Do you pray for the swaggarts? You and John are both devils…you have a good day …. Why do you have to use a New Living Translation. You can throw that translation in the garbage. I meant to thank you earlier!

Reading several recent comments, I realize more than ever how deep the deception runs in so many churches, and how easily some people are deceived. We have to be diligent to keep ourselves before the Lord and in His Word. Heim…I appreciate your defense of the faith.

And we all owe Mischel, and others like her, a debt of gratitude for being willing to put her neck on the line to warn the flock. Speak the truth with Love. I seriously doubt you have ever prayed for Jimmy Swaggart…try it sometime. If you pray for someone you will come to truly care what happens to him.

And Swaggart is not worth fighting over! Swaggart has NO credibility within any organization, denomination, theologin, Pastor in the Christian community outside of his own organization. He writes his own literature, his own Biblical interpretation. Not a single person endorsed his Exp. No Christian publishing company would publish it.

Swaggart has had to create his own kingdom…. He has created his own world where he is king, answers to no one! Why do you suppose that is?? This guy has a giant ego, and in his prime, ran the AOG because of his fund-raising ability and popularity! He was the most influential because of money! He only has himself to blame! He loves to run the videos of his old crusades…his glory days!

Not to get the gospel out! Sadly, even in the face of the facts, many will still follow them for their reasons, whatever they are. Charlatans succeed because they are talented people…they are great actors, storytellers…very believable!

Whether an investor that will swindle people or sexual perverts who molest children…they look innocent and trustworthy! I grew up in a church like FWC. The pastor was respected, believable. No one thought it strange that he insisted on being the only one who counted and deposited the offereings. Yes, we had a board, but they were intimidated by him. Long story short, he was caught stealing, went to prison, and to top it off, he was a closet homosexual living a very promiscuous life.

In retrospect, there were red flags all over. The classic signs that something is amiss is secrecy and control…especially around a charasmatic personality! Anyone who does that has something to hide! You are being abused!! Of this I am sure. He going to start his youth crusades in March. I thought it looked like Frances trying to emulate Jill. She cut her hair into the same style that Jill has.

Divorce records are public documents. Christians…even pastors get divorced, sadly. God will hold them accountable IF they are infact unrepentant heathens as you and John seem to believe.

Doris, You are taking a very naive approach toward evaluating the appropriateness and worthiness of this ministry! The facts are clearly there in order for anyone to make a proper judgment. Most unbelievers would have absolutely no idea what is being discussed because it is religious talk. The further you are from the ministry, the less you can truly know about those running the ministry!

Oh how that money could be used to better the lives of humanity…to minister as Jesus taught with the parable of the good Samaritan!

I detest ministers who repeat stories of miraculous healing without verification!! This is done so often that nobody blinks an eye! To repeat stories that one has not verified IS bearing false witness!!! And it promotes false hopes to those who are in desperate situations! Donnie repeated one last Sunday about a woman who supposidly gave birth to four children after having all of her reproductive organs removed due to cancer!!

I have heard 5his same story repeated by other TV preachers, particularly when they are raising money!! This abuse disgusts me greatly! Judgment must be coming…and the ministries who pull this crap must be first in line!

And before you even start…. However…I have every confidence that the Lord has had me to speak to you thus far. I am a born again child of God. I know the Word of God. I would put myself up against you anytime. Once we are born again, I do believe we are always saved…as the Bible teaches. Nothing can seperate us from the Love of God. Restore to me the joy of THY salvation. So you see I do not believe like the swaggarts.

They believe you can lose your salvation.. God gives us eternal life not life for 6 mos. All I know is when one reads our comments ….. Mine are a little sweeter. The Swaggarts teach the Arminian view that you can lose your salvation should you chose to return to a life of sin and repudiate christ as your savior, However theologically they really teach unconditional eternal security.

I am not wanting to get into to a debate as to the merits of this theological position or the error of it. The swaggarts maybe alot things…. The devil knows the Word enough to twist it. Biblical knowledge is not theology! Theology is the study of God and takes into account not only Biblical texts, but other sources as well. One must be able to process and interpret scripture accurately using historical accounts, and other disciplines like philosophy, history, linguistics, religious philosophy, sociology etc.

The Swaggarts operate in a vacuum…Jimmy only uses commentaries that agree with his own interpretation and viewpoint. He has had NO formal education. He thinks God speaks to him, but he never allows what he thinks to be questioned or challenged. I honestly believe that I likely have more theological knowledge tHan he does.

Do yourself a favor and start reading some Christian theology. A good book looking at the Calvinism vs. They constantly repeat themselves and contradict themselves over and over! This is why that anyone who is mildly educated will completely disregard them. Only the un-educated or poorly educated people are involved with them, read their Bibles and commentaries, etc.

And this is where I believe they are doing great damage! And why education is Sooooo important! Those who are uneducated can be so easily exploited… in all areas of life! I would disagree I think they are extremely theologically ignorant. But Im not going to try and change your mind. Listening to their show will let you know that they have no idea what they are talking about.

Jimmy Swaggart is much that way. But correct the wise, and they will love you. Wow, see what I mean?! Donnie preached that sermon, and Jimmy, Donnie and Gabriel constantly repeat the same garbage. What kind of standard does that set for a new testament church some years later? I dare say you would never give a pass for murder, adultery, lying, etc. Why are your standards for a minister of the gospel so low?!?

There are consequences for sin! There is always forgiveness, but the damage done can be irreversible! Restoration is not guaranteed! Swaggart was caught red-handed with a prostitute. He refused to cooperate with the discipline from those in authority over him. He lost his credentials. Three years later, he was caught again in the same sin! Clearly demonstrates that the problem was never addressed. Then, in the most arrogant slap in the face, he looked into the eyes of the body of Christ and said that this was none of our business!!

ANYONE willing to support this man after this has no self-respect, or respect for anything the gospel stands for!! I think there is something wrong with them. And nothing good or healthy can result from a sick environment like that! Every person who supports him needs to look in the mirror and ask themselves why! I believe the reasons would be quite revealing and very selfish.

The purpose of belonging to a local body of believers is for fellowship, discipling, and service. Last night, Donnie made the statement during the tel-a-thon that SBN is the number one soul-winning ministry in the world!!! He would have to know every single ministry to make that claim! They constantly make grandiose claims about themselves and the ministry, and constantly tells their supporters that they are part of an exclusive ministry, the one that God has called to lead the world and on and on.

So those who buy that do so because of pride! They tear down every pastor, denomination, ministry, person that does not see things exactly as they do! Yet many of those get totally offended when any criticism is directed at the Swaggarts! I will just ask people who want to support JSM to do some soul-searching, get honest and take a second look.

What is your motivation? Are they worthy of your trust and support? Sounds like you listen and watch them alot. It just make sense that a person cannot hold up King David and critize Jimmy Swaggart. I do watch them quite a bit. I was actually stunned about a year and a half ago when I ran across his broadcast of a church service.

I was curious to know if he had changed at all. I was stunned to see hoW much Donnie and now, the grandson Gabe emulated Jimmy! Frances and Friends really blew me away! I feel embarrassed for her.. They are all so ignorant about so much!!

I feel I had to view enough programming to have a fair and accurate assessment of their ministry. One scripture passage that has always baffled me is where Jesus speaks about many of those who minister in his name, cast out demons and do miracles in his name will be told, sorry, I never knew you!

He was speaking of those out front, doing miracles in his name! I will never judge the heart of any person, because that is not only forbidden, but impossible, but when I see things like SBN, I have to wonder! Before you send them another dime, or promote them to others, or follow any of their teaching, take some time to really listen to what they are saying. Read several different versions of scripture. Find and attend a solid Bible teaching church.

Baptist, presbyterian, weslyan, non-denominational. Question what ministers say. Get into a good bible study group. I agree with what you said about Fand F and Donnie. I feel sorry for Gabe. I expect a bad outcome there. I agree about the scripture you quoted about false prophets. I trust the Lord that he will deal with all of them IF they are truly just in it for the Love of filthy lucre. They have done great exploits in Jesus name but it is very possible that they never have had an intimate relationship with HIM.

I consider myself well versed in the Word of God. I was raised studying the Word. Thank you for your advice though.

I was a drug addict and when I was born again 23 yrs ago I was instantly delivered. Thank the Lord for His work in your life! I am also in recovery from addiction.

God has been faithful in my life and recovery. I love the Celebrate Recovery program! Take care and God bless you!

Thank you and the same to you. They are afraid of the IRS. His name is Chuck Baldwin. We know Chuck , he ran for president in the Constitutional Party in He became fed up with the letters pastors receive from the IRS each yr. I will continue to check out this website and make short comments. The man is a full-fledged and dangerous dominionist. I would encourage you to read the articles that Mishel has written on the topic, as well as to research Baldwin in full. John …You are a dangerous person.

We should all be as perfect as you. I am not snugging up to anyone. Those that have been forgiven much loveth much,KJV…You have a label for everyone if they do not join you in your critical narrative. You are a mean spirited person. Please read Psalm 51 and see the deep repentance of David, he did not cast the blame on others but took full responsibility and repented.

Sadly Jimmy will take the blame partially but then theologically allow himself an out. This is pitiful, there have been countless thousands of Ministers who have fully known how to live for Jesus and have done so without scandal and without excuse. Unfortunately, people often say things on social media that they would never say face to face. I have learned my lesson in this area! Also, the truth is, one never knows for sure who is on the other end of the conversation.

I always use my real identification, instead of an anonymous handle, just to keep myself honest! There are numerous, wonderful churches in my area to be involved with! My brother-in-law is a noted Arminian theologian and Christian ethics chair at a major university in the U.

He has a very instructive blog that I regularly read. However, if the internet was my only source of Christian teaching and fellowship, I believe I would be seriously lacking! We all need other believers to keep us accountable! Evangelism and discipling occurs outside of the church service!!

Being a true Christian is lived out in everyday life! We are to be salt and light out in the world…not sitting in a pew or watching on the internet.

True worship is how we live for the Lord…in the smallest details of life…how we relate and treat other people, especially those closest to us. In my view of the gospel, it is not centered around the church service! I encourage everyone to get into a solid, balanced church that teaches the whole Bible…. The secondary, non-essential doctrines are up to each group…whatever one feels comfortable with.

We need to show grace to those who disagree on the non-essentials! In ALL things, charity!! We made a trip to Kalispell, Montana. We live in Tenn. Anyway I just wanted you listen to an online sermon of Baldwins to see what you think. He gave up an awful lot to leave his 35 year old church in Florida Crossroads. Chuck was a Jerry Falwell student and was a member of the moral majority. The political issues of today not being preached from the pulpits is a real big issue with me.

The homosexual issue sin is something our country will have to repent of and soon. I find it extremely refreshing to hear these issue being addressed from a pulpit,according to the Word of God..

Morality cannot be legislated. These two issue,in my opinion, are bringing judgement to America. I am convinced you are truly nuts and maybe the most judgemental person I have encounteredI judge righteous judgement according to the Word of God. I do not just look at what youtube says and just accept it. I like to listen for myself and come to my own conclusion..

I am a born again child of God I need no teacher except the Holy Ghost. I happen to know alot of peopleChuck is just one of them.. I totally agree with you. The church needs to do as you said, an invest themselves in a local body of believers and pull the plug on the TV ministers. I sure wish those men were still living. A couple of the last of a wonderful breed of prominent Christian ministers who led lives that were without reproach and preached the Word by the power of the Holy Spirit.

As wonderful as Wilkerson was before his car accident…. Pastor Chuck Baldwin has once again allowed his imagination to run amok in this article. Frankly his reasoning and lack of common sense is spooky. I wonder if this is the type of stuff his congregation hears on Sunday morning. Almost never mentions Jesus. He sounds a lot like Glenn Beck. What about the pastor who preaches the gospel? Chuck has no respect for that man. Chuck does have a healthy respect for the policies of men: Worse yet, they refuse to walk away from churches that actively promote the political policies that would enslave their posterity.

Many Christians have written me in an attempt to justify them remaining in churches that refuse to take a stand for liberty. What about liberty in Christ? What about the enslavement of sin? Reading him, he obviously cares little for the sheep. To those who read him: The well on patience ran dry this week. I love the study of theology, Christianity and the church.

As I mentioned, my bro-in-law is the leading, contemporary theologian defining, describing and defending Arminian theology Dr. What I love about Roger is not only his intellect, but the graciousness with which he approaches theology. He believes, and I strongly agree, that no human mind can comprehend the fullness of God, and that our doctrine must be embraced with the deepest humility and grace.

I think we all have done that at one time or another in our development! Olson knows Calvinism as well as he understands Arminianism! He is careful not to mischaracterize the doctrine, and he always leaves room for his own conclusions to possibly be wrong. I am very critical of the Swaggart ministry for the many reasons I have outlined. I try, but obviously fail at times, to state the truth as I see it without being mean.

They sounded authentic and I praise God for that. God clearly uses many things to bring people to himself. However, I believe that so much of what they teach is damaging…. I just pray that God will direct people to more accurate sources of truth! Keep seeking and sharing the truth of the gospel! We can offer solutions to pregnant, unwed moms, and forgiveness for those who have chosen abortion.

We can proclaim what the Bible teaches about marriage. We have accommodated this sin to the point where no one even considers it a sin anymore. We accommodate this, yet tell gay people that their life is sinful and unacceptable to God! We need to be salt and light…. Heim, Your last post was so very rich! Though I no longer consider myself to be a Baptist, I continue to have great respect for that denomination, as in my early years, they taught me the basics of Christianity.

It was there that I first heard the gospel preached…and there that I was first convicted of my sin, my need of repentance, and my need of the saving grace of Christ. I understand all too well what this verse means. And if getting called names is the worst that happens…I can live with that far easier than I could ever live with knowing that I stood by and did nothing while people burn. Do I enjoy being called names? I was raised in a non-denominational, pentecostal church.

I questioned the whole concept of God and Christianity, but that light of the gospel was always glowing deep within. I knew it was the truth. I graduated from a Catholic University, and took many religious studies courses in college. We need to agree and be adamant about these doctrines to truly be identified as Christian!

Study Bible is pitiful! It is the epitome of arrogance for a man as uneducated as Swaggart to weave his own interpretation of every single scripture in the Old and New Testament, knowing that scriptural interpretations have been debated for centuries by highly educated theologians, historians, teachers, etc.

That Bible has NO credibility with anyone possessing the credentials to examine it! That attitude is clearly un-Biblical…for he is constantly promoting and elevating himself, instead of humbling himself and allowing the LORD to exalt him. And Swaggarts reputation is so sullied outside of his small group of supporters that seeing those old broadcasts, knowing what he was doing with prostitutes after those crusades, would repulse rather than draw people to Jesus!

Today, they ran a crusade from Houston, Texas in February of He was touting family values, condemning sex before marriage etc. So Swaggart said that the Lord told him to summon the angels….

It would have been much more beneficial had he sent those angels to guard the doorways of the motels in order to keep Jimmy OUT of the pants of the prostitutes! Swaggart is a laughingstock to the world…. The best way he could benefit the gospel would be to go away…get out of the public eye…out of ministry. There were many people born again during those old crusades.

I talked to a man from Nigeria and one from ,s. God can used Balams ass in the old testament and he use the pharoah during the exodus. God uses the people HE wants to use. Doris, while I have no intention of starting another ongoing conversation with you, I will respond to your last comment in which you said this:. I have not a single negative thing to say about David Wilkerson. Thanks for sharing some personal background, T.

I hate to sound like a broken record…but sincerely, I agree with everything you said. David Wilkerson was a real man of GOD. I loved him and his family and the way they minister with love to the homeless and afflicted. I know he tried to talk with swaggart to try to prevent the downfall. John Ankerberg was another person who tried to talk to him.

It will be interesting to see the outcome of slbtv. Doris, It seems that our comments are somehow crossing…making it a bit confusing, as some posts that I wrote and submitted before yours are showing up after yours. You can e-mail me at: Of course it is. That much was obvious. OMG are you going to over analyze ever little thing? Stop taking your negative feelings for swaggart out on me. I am still in the deciding stage. I like Jimmy Swaggart. He who is guilty of the lest is guilty of the most.

For your own sake, as well as that of anyone you ever come in contact with…please read the post that Teresa made on November She would be a good example for you to follow. You could learn a lot from her. Pearls are too valuable to cast before swine. Doris, Finally…we agree on at least one thing. John I could be wrong but I do not believe I am. The religous pharisee in the time of Jesus walking the earth bodily were the biggest reproach to the Lord. As Jesus said, Hypocrites,a generation of vipers, white washed seplecures full of dead mens bones.

The Lord God Jesus looks upon the heart …man looks upon the outward appearance. I am so happy that the Lord Jesus is the Judge and not man. The man-made rules and regulations of a religous person is impossible to carry out to their satisfaction. Pray for Jimmy Swaggart and the swaggart family.

They must need it according to all your accusations. I do not know. Care to give me understanding of why you spoke about them? I thought it was overly obvious ….

I am talking about you. You look at yourself with rose colored glasses and everyone else with a magnifying glass. Jesus love me , this I know, for the Bible tells me so.

Touch not mine anointed and do my servants no harm. The fear to God is the beginning of wisdom. You should be more respectful of people. The Lord loves all and died for all. ONly the born again are his children….. I am his born again child of God Jesus. Doris, I was prepared to make one last attempt to have a meaningful discourse with you …but then I read your latest comments this morning and came to my senses.

All that you were willing to say was: And with this in mind, you also wrote this:. I completely believe you! I believe that Frances indeed…is trying to protect him Jimmy from himself.

And on that basis…I want nothing to do with Jimmy Swaggart. Forget all of the other accusations against him. And of course, we know what you mean by this. There are far too many good men who live righteous lives…that can stand firmly in their own faith without having to use their wife for a spiritual bodyguard for their inability to control their carnal desires to have to resort to looking to the likes of a Jimmy Swaggart to hear the Word being taught and preached.

So thank you, Doris…for giving me a more than ample, and fully legitimate reason to have nothing to do with Swaggart. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt and trust the Lord to correct or judge them. You seem obsessed with Jimmy Swaggart. You were dead serious and you know it. Humor or not…you know that the truth is that Frances IS watching to be sure that Jimmy keeps little Jimmy in his pants. Others, including Mishel have spoken to this very fact. For every comment I make about Swaggart, you make at least one or two yourself.

In fact, since the vast number of comments that have been made here are by people who have no use for Swaggart whatsoever…why do you stay here, posting every day? Are you like Frances…feeling you have to protect and defend your idol? I had no idea that Frances tries to keep him outta trouble. You must think I idolize swaggart.

Mine are a little sweeter! In one breath, you accuse T. Doris, it is very much your business to discern and determine a fellow believers behavior and words as they pertain to the gospel…. We are all accountable to the body of Christ!! Especially those who are leaders!! You are responsible to discern and act appropriately! But what is odd is that regardless of how critical T. Heim has admonished you, and encouraged you, and has tried to bring a corrective word to you on many occasions…she has fallen short of outright rebuking you, while I, on the other hand…rebuked you openly.

I have high regard for T. Yes they are held to a higher standard. I beleive John handles that just fine. John is a religous pharisee. The Bible teaches us to go to a one and gently restore them lest it be us next time that falls from the path. I just simply can NOT jump on a bandwagon of brow beating a fellow believer. He is no different than another in the Kingdom of God. Do believe he is lost? Now, anyone who can live such a hypocritical life….

Now, would you enter into a business relationship, marriage relationship, friendship or pastoral relationship with an individual who demonstrates this behavior?? Anyone making that kind of choice is being very foolish! I used to admire Jimmy Swaggart. Just like I admired my former pastor. I defended my former pastor when people would bring up evidence about what this man was doing. He was once arrested for public indecency when he was caught in a police raid of a rest-stop bathroomwhere gay men were meeting to have sex.

The arrest was published in the newspaper. Our pastor claimed he innocently walked in to the restroom while traveling out a idea our city. Most everyone took his word for it. It did not compute in my brain that anyone could live such a double life…. The only gospel I knew was the stuff preached in a fundamentalist pentecostal church!

This pastor even reprimanded me for wearing my bathing suit while playing volleyball while I was a camp counselor at our church camp! There's a lot to love in these cars, so why don't we love them a lot? Its 75 auto safety standards assume someone's in the driver's seat.

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