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World records in athletics are ratified by the International Association of Athletics Federations. Athletics records comprise the best performances in the sports of track and field , road running and racewalking.

Records are kept for all events contested at the Olympic Games and some others. Unofficial records for some other events are kept by track and field statisticians. The only non-metric track distance for which official records are kept is the mile run. The Criteria which must be satisfied for ratification also apply to national or other restricted records and also to performances submitted as qualifying marks for eligibility to compete in major events such as the Olympic Games.

Witnessing a world record brings great pleasure for athletics fans, and athletes' personal sponsors and promoters of major meetings such as the IAAF Diamond League and its predecessor, the IAAF Golden League have offered bonuses to athletes breaking a record.

Some middle-distance runners have specialized in acting as pacemakers in longer races, receiving a fee without even finishing the race, and possibly a bonus if a record results.

This is a useful occupation for athletes who are capable of running accurately to a specified pace, but not capable of the very fastest times to become champions in their own right. In the pole vault record bonuses create an incentive for an athlete capable of smashing a record to instead break it by the minimum amount one centimetre , multiple times, at multiple meetings, in order to accumulate multiple bonuses.

This has been done by Sergey Bubka in the men's pole vault, and Yelena Isinbayeva in the women's pole vault. In any other discipline, except in the high jump, this issue does not arise, since it is practically impossible to deliberately break a record by a small margin.

The IAAF commenced the recognition of world records in , and indoor world records after In , IAAF rule The women's record has been advanced 9 times indoors by three different women, each ratified as a world record. The last record to be set indoors was in Sergey Bubka 's pole vault world indoor record of 6. In February , Bubka's record was surpassed indoors by Renaud Lavillenie jumping 6.

One current IAAF-sanctioned event, the mixed-sex 4x m relay, does not have any recognised world record. Events which do not qualify for IAAF-ratified world records are typically referred to as world bests. While very common in the first half of 20th century, a large number of races over distances by imperial measurements became rare occurrences and the IAAF removed all imperial measured events from its world record lists in — with the sole exception being the mile run which remains common due to its historical prominence in track and field.

Some road racing distances and indoor variations of outdoor events fall outside of IAAF's lists. Records set in uncommon events usually do not adhere to the strict criteria found in IAAF-ratifiable events. One example is the metres record, which was set by Usain Bolt on a specially-made straight track, while previous performances such as the Bailey—Johnson metre race were completed on a traditional circuit which included a partial bend in the track. The yard dash — a standard acceleration evaluation for American Football players — does not fall within the usual criteria of athletics racing events.

In most yard dashes, reaction times are not recorded as timing starts only once the player is in motion, and the standards for timing a "football 40" are so lax and inconsistent that a real world record cannot be claimed. Football yard dashes are usually run on a turf surface, as opposed to an all weather track. All these factors make track and "football 40" performances incomparable. The world best time for a "football 40" is 4. The extrapolated best for an Olympic level athlete, including reacting to a starting gun, currently is by Maurice Greene at the World Championships in Athletics with a time of 4.

The men's javelin specification was changed with effect from , and the women's from The purpose was to reduce the number of illegal flat landings, but a side-effect was to reduce the distance travelled. The prior world records in individual men's and women's javelin were invalidated, but the prior records in decathlon and heptathlon were not. The current decathlon world record was set with the current javelin specification. The best performance in heptathlon using the new specification javelin is:.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This older terminology is still sometimes encountered. A few guidelines that were broken were pacers entering and exiting the race, there were only three racers, and it was a 2. Olympic trials, were excluded, the world record would be Leg 1 Zach Shinnick Leg 1 Ilolo Izu Leg 1 Richard Jones 1: Leg 1 Joe McAsey 1: The race organisers do not confirm these times and officially regard the time to be Leg 1 Nia Ali Competition Rules PDF.

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Stupid Sexy Flanders - TV Tropes

Those later episodes also indicate that Al sees Sam as Sam, not the person he leapt into, while the opposite was true in the episode mentioned above. Fanon guesses that the "disturbing attraction" incident led the Project to fine-tune the connection between Al and Sam so it wouldn't happen again.

When he runs into Frank and Toofer, he asks, "Do ya think I'm sexy? Frank laughs, "C'mon Tracy, we know it's you," then swallows hard and says, "And yes. In another episode, Liz and Frank fall for the same delivery boy, leading Frank down a journey of self-discovery. And then there's this quote from the same episode. No, that's not a thing, you can't be gay for just one person You look absolutely great! If I was homosexual I'd want to buy you a drink, at the very least. If I was homosexual I'd have a pint of lager.

As it is, I like birds. This is very true of Chase. Wilson and House appraising coworker Chase: More comments about Chase: What makes a guy start drooling? Remember, you're not gay if you think Rudy is hot. Phoebe, during her brief time as The Empath , nearly had to flee the room during one episode of Charmed because of a man who had the hots for her sister Piper.

In "Tommy's Not Gay" of Titus , Titus has a moment in the neutral space where he talks about how everyone has had at least one moment where they are flipping through a Muscle Magazine "'cause you're a man" and upon seeing a well-toned man, he talks about his large biceps, ripped abs, and he briefly starts swaying his hips before he realized what he was doing.

Throwing the magazine while screaming, he quickly did five push-ups and walked off, talking about going to a strip-club. An episode of the American Breakfast Time had Suzanne Whang interview Talisa Soto when the Mortal Kombat film came out; when they sit down on the couch, Suzanne does a double-take, is momentarily rendered speechless and says "OH! I'm sorry, I was startled by how beautiful you are!

To the point that, in one episode, he saw an erotic dream about Kelso, too disturbing even for him and for Kelso too, after he learns. As Fez later mentions, his admiration of Kelso's looks is "purely aesthetic". From '' Mystery Science Theater , Mr. B is played by a woman.

The Trope Namer is referenced in the episode featuring Avalanche as a character, a skier, is shown from behind, leading Crow to reference the scene. Cory in the House: Cory finds himself lusting after a pair of chiseled legs in a pair of Daisy Dukes, only to find, to his eternal Squick , that they belong to one Jason Stickler.

During Lita's run as a color commentator for WWE , she invoked this when Molly Holly who was known for dressing conservatively came out in a relatively low-cut top. Of course, Lita sounded wooden and completely uninterested - even more so than usual - which ruined the effect. He first tosses them into Dean's Guilty Pleasure show, Dr. When Dean sees Dr. Sexy walking down the hallway, he immediately gets all flustered and embarrassed and looks at him in an admiring and slightly flirty way.

It turns out to be the Trickster in disguise and Dean figures it out because "what makes Dr. Sexy sexy is that he wears cowboy boots, not tennis shoes!

And there are many more examples. George gets all anxious and upset after he gets a massage from a male therapist They make out near the show's end, though Lily realizes she liked the idea of it more than the actual kiss.

In the Castle episode "Anatomy of a Murder", Castle conspires on how a saucy love triangle might have led to a doctor's death when this happens: How much TV do you actually watch?

Enough to know that this nurse McClintock will probably be super hot. Care to revise your theory? Not what I was expecting, but no, I'll stand by it.

On Boy Meets World , Topanga has a moment of this in one episode: If it's any consolation, I think you can do a lot better than Jennifer Bassett.

Wait a minute, Topanga, have you looked at her? Okay, so she's pretty, she's tall, she drives a red new convertible, oh heck, I'd go out with her. The Suite Life On Deck: While checking out chicks: Look at this one. Blonde hair, long legs, carrying a textbook. In Woody's defense, he lost his glasses and is nearsighted.

Also, in "Hold On To Sixteen" Santana, a lesbian, says that even she felt something stirring in her "lady loins" when she saw Sam do that "magic sex dance". In Parks and Recreation , Leslie Knope has used the term "beautiful" to describe her best friend Anne on a fairly frequent basis. In Blackadder , we have Lord Blackadder and "Bob".

Blackadder Goes Forth had this happen for Lieutenant George when he dressed up in drag for a variety show, and ended up catching the eye of General Melchett who went as far as proposing to him. Blackadder ended up having to fake "her" death to get out of that. On the August 14, episode of The Daily Show , Jon Stewart mentions that the day before he'd had "Robert "Pattinson" as a guest on the show, and stares off into space and says, "he was In "The Politics of Human Sexuality", Troy says that he lost the basketball match with Abed because "[his] eyes are too gentle and mysterious".

In Wizards of Waverly Place , anyone who is an elf has this effect on people. What are you doing in my chair? You're supposed to be here tomorrow night. Reba, you and me are going to taik. Hustle your shapely fanny back over here and we'll get to it after this commercial. And don't you go anywhere because you won't want to miss this. After reporter Anna Gilligan strips down to a bikini to try out the Tarzan rope swing at Action Park, news anchor Rosanna Scotto ogles her in this segment.

There's quite a lot of same gender subtext between characters in Zoey Michael, for example, once called a boy attractive. Why do you waste your time with the drama club?

Why don't you go up for the football team or something? Because the drama club is loaded with hot girls, and I've seen the football team. I don't know, man, Dave the quarterback's a pretty handsome dude. Chase and Logan look at Michael oddly. I've said too much. Officer Davis in Corner Gas avoids going on fishing trips with Hank, because hearing Hank's suprisingly poetic fish talk gives him "Strange feelings.

Half the guys in Fangtasia are psyching themselves up to "offer themselves to him" and have erotic dreams about him. Also, in one episode Mr. Gus tells Pam "I'm no homo homosexual , but he Eric is a handsome devil.

In "And the Model Apartment," the girls rent their apartment out, expecting some loser guests. Shoot, now I'm gay. Jon Snow has gotten this at least once, from the repulsive Craster of all people.

This man, who infamously takes his own daughters as wives and makes more daughters to marry down the line , admits that he finds Jon "prettier than half of his daughters''. Littlefinger , who hates Ned, calls him "an even more impressive specimen" than his brother Brandon, who was already noted to be a Hunk in-universe. Berta of Two and a Half Men mentions that its a shame she's only into men because she finds Charlie's latest girlfriend attractive.

She then thinks "Maybe if I put a mustache on her In the Agents of S. Fitz replies that he must agree, since "Simmons" isn't real , just a hallucination created by his subconscious. Played for Laughs on The Golden Girls with Blanche Devereaux , who is so convinced of her own incredible sex appeal that she assumes that her female roommates must naturally feel this way about her. In one episode, she and Dorothy have lied on Rose's application for an award.

Dorothy starts feeling guilty when Rose wins, and, when she leaves their cabin on the train they're riding, turns to Blanche: There's something I think we should do. Blanche immediately thinks that Dorothy's somehow become attracted to her, and makes a metaphor-laden speech about how it can't be. In "Tahani Al-Jamil", Elanor is going off on one her usual rants about Tahani to Chidi, only for it to end somewhere quite different from she started: The song "Andrew In Drag" by The Magnetic Fields features a protagonist who finds himself secretly attracted to his male friend after he puts a dress and a wig on at a party as a drunken joke, and then crestfallen that he'll never see "her" again after he takes the dress and wig off.

And even though I'm straight, I'm not ashamed to say: Tom Felton's kinda hot. The band Gay For Johnny Depp http: Some of the most common to draw this reaction are Yoshiki , Taiji , Miyavi , and Hizaki.

The album cover of George Hrab's Interrobang. Dani Shay sometimes has this effect on straight girls. The song "No Homo" by The Lonely Island begins as a defense and demonstration of this but then amplifies into ridiculousness. I like her more than me. Josh Homme from QotSA is famous among fans for this. Franz Ferdinand 's "Michael". Ron White has a routine about pointing this tendency out to a homophobic cousin.

Look, we're all gay. It's just different degrees. Okay, do you like watching porn? You know I love porn. Do you only watch the kind that's two women? I like watching a man and a woman makin' love. Okay, do you like it best if the man is tiny and flaccid?

I like big, hard, throbbing I did not know that about myself. Remember that other guy in it, Jude Law? Well, ever since I saw that movie I could be queer for him. And have never had a homosexual feeling ever in my life that I ever acknowledged. I mean, he was beautiful , he was prettier than the girls in that movie!

And it caught me surprise; I'm watching the movie and I find myself going, "I wonder what he's gonna wear in the next scene. I hope it's linen. Ooooh, it's a pancake hat on a scooter! Bobcat Goldthwait admits this about actor Rob Lowe in his standup routine, and provided the page quote for the A Pretty Boy Index page.

Archer, of course — he's the character the term " GAR " was invented for. In story, Tohsaka gets turned on by Saber at a few points. Lancer also causes this for a number of fans, including the male artist of the manga, who calls him "the sexiest man in the game. Johnny flirts with Bridget before the fight And Bridget is famed for causing this in fans.

Everyone's gay for Bridget! The fact that his Final Smash does end up putting his ass in your face doesn't help neither does the fact that the section about it on Nintendo's official site actually has a screenshot paused on that one moment.

On the Brawl official site, there's one shot of him manhandling Ike in an ambiguous manner, one shot of him posing serenely while fondling the rocket launcher resting between his legs , and one shot of him kicking at the camera with what probably qualifies as ' upskirt '.

Four of the other screenshots have his incredibly shapely buttocks right at the focal point of the picture, as well as his "Congratulations! For a manly male character, he does a lot of cheesecake. For some bizarre reason , a certain Image Board with a not-hidden gay crush on Snake also has this problem with the Medic from Team Fortress 2. In an odd femme jealousy subversion of this, Serra from Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword starts trying to lay out terms of being around the camp to this beautiful blond girl who just joined their ranks.

During the conversation Serra discovers this beautiful blond girl is a Monk named Lucius, and Lucius is quite certain he is in fact a monk, and male.

There are a lot of characters who face the viewer in their official art. And posing rather seductively. Link from The Legend of Zelda has caused this in a few straight male fans.

The pantslessness of some incarnations of him only adds to it. Perhaps not coincidentally, he's a very popular target for Gender Bender art. And on the girls' side we have Sheik. The infamous Gannon Banned website even has, "not accepting that Sheik is a most epic Reverse Trap ," as one of their Gannon-Bannable offenses. Air Force Delta Strike: Most of the male characters have have physiques more in line with professional body-builders or fitness instructors than pilots.

It could be Mr. Fanservice turned Up to Eleven if not for being able to legitimately ask if any women have ever played the game. Going by his later reference to the "strapping blood elf," Martek in World of Warcraft is not confused about the gender of that one "hot babe" in his tall tale. He just doesn't seem to care. Garrus of Mass Effect 2 is known to induce this in otherwise straight male fans of the series and at least some lesbians due to essentially being Turian Batman with a dash of Adorkable thrown in.

Arty from Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals. In the German version he was even changed into a girl. During the Crossdressing Pagent, on seeing Teddie in an Alice outfit , one male spectator declares, "I'd hit it. The whole "quiet and stoic" thing must get you a lot of action, huh? I take it you're an admirer, Oghren? Well, not unless - no! In Talesof Symphonia , an optional scene has both Raine and Colette commenting on Sheena's body, much to her embarrassment.

Also, the "Female Variant Five" setting and Ellen's 'Venus' beam based on it , in addition to turning men into exceptionally beautiful women and making women more, er, "womanly" , makes the victim extremely attractive to any non-relative , whether they like girls or not, for 48 hours of a day duration.

Unsurprisingly, these two things lead to lots of Stupid Sexy Flanders moments, most notably when the revelation that it only lasts the first 48 hours causes a lesbian to come out of denial.

And then there's Tedd without his glasses, a borderline Wholesome Crossdresser albeit an unintentional one. However, Justin, who is gay, doesn't actually think he's attractive to him or other gay men. Straight men, on the other hand It's hard to say if this version from El Goonish Shive is a subversion, inversion, reversion, or just plain weird. Elliot objects to his girlfriend ogling male! Susan, leading to the following exchange: I'm sorry, Elliot, but look at him!

I'm wearing a skirt, and I have boobs. I'm not going to start worrying about my manly image now. Noah has been informed in the past that he has this ability: I have been told I could make straight men see rainbows. Your character is seriously hot. She's hawt with a capital "HAW". My character is a man! Your character portrait says differently.

Granted, Dude Looks Like a Lady That he is a man is not so much of a problem here, but the fact that he is a Calanian. In The Dragon Queen , caretaker and guardian Rodney finds himself attracted to his cross-dressing ward and immediately orders Bradley to never wear such clothing again in his presence.

He gets called on it later and repents. Brawl in the Family takes this trope regarding snake and runs with it. Hazel in Girls with Slingshots , when Jaime's sister Fiona comes to visit. I don't like boobs! Everybody likes boobs, honey. Dabbler from Grrl Power see page picture, the Underboob on the right is hers inspires this whenever she turns on the succubus charm to the max she loathes having to lower it "below ten" in her own words and straight women who see her in this appearance can be seen repeating "Not a lesbian!

And men have to remind themselves that they're married, or that she's a subordinate. This happens in Darwin's Soldiers , to which Aimee mentions how she can see how Hailey thought that Subject 19 was cute. And again with Keith David. Hey, Fyodor, we're surrounded again. But this time by a bunch of half-naked men. Its like a ruddy ocean of bare nipples and bulging muscles. It's making me moist. Spoony wasn't worried about being gay, but a different sexual kink: In the edition, Strong Bad was baffled by a hot woman dressed in a Homestar costume.

My brain is splitting in half! During his review of Ninja Gaiden 2 , Yahtzee reminds us all that Cliff Blezinsky is an extremely sexy man. There's some Touhou fanart out there of Marisa thinking about stupid sexy Flandre. Dio getting this reaction from male fans is something of a running gag whenever he's brought up.

This is what Joey Wheeler says of Duke: But other than that, he's got nothing! This episode contains copious amounts of Duke Devlin.

Women with heart conditions are advised to not look directly at Duke Devlin. This also applies to women without heart conditions; he's very pretty. See how pretty he is? I'd like to run my fingers through his hair, and I'm just a voice.

No words to describe it Alucard in Hellsing Ultimate Abridged has this reaction when he encounters the androgynous cat-boy Schrodinger. The return of the "why? When Cyril finds that openly gay Ray is in line, Ray remarks: Girl please, nobody is that gay. Ned Flanders in The Simpsons , as described above, although the fact that he's a chiseled male specimen is highlighted in more than one episode. The trope's name comes from a line uttered by Homer in the episode "Little Big Mom".

Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all. Also happened in the episode "Lisa the Tree Hugger". This is all your fault, with your nonthreatening Bobby Sherman-style good looks! No girl can resist your charm! This was her choice, Mr.

I'm sorry, I wasn't listening, I was lost in your eyes. Who would you rather go with? But Bart has inner beauty, like you'd find in a rodent. Averted with Hans Moleman. Nobody's gay for him.

Except in "Three Gays of the Condo". Gay Man in Military Costume: You're coming home with me! Moleman in his old army uniform: This backfires when JFK starts to question his orientation Lampshaded as thoroughly as possible: No, nothing like that shifty eyes. In SpongeBob SquarePants , when Squidward tries to picture his rival, Squilliam, in his underwear in order to face Squilliam face to face , he realizes that " Oh no, he's hot!

Then again every girl on the show couldn't stop either. Turner in a speedo, Dinkleberg remarks "Hey, looking good Turner! Dimmsdales pagent the b-plot revolves around Timmy's Dad demanding the right to participate in the pagent to prove that men can be as pretty as women Say, think I can get her phone number?

That's no she, that's my Dad! So you have it then? Turner thinks teen pop sensation Chip Skylark is delicious and considers Mr. Crocker gorgeous though hates him for it, thinking Crocker is eyeballing his wife. The "Christian Rock Hard" episode. Although parodies, the lyrics of some of Cartman's songs are pretty clear examples Whenever I see Jesus, up on that cross, I can't help but think that He looks kinda hot I wanna get down on my knees, and start pleasing Jesus: I wanna feel His salvation, all over my face And of course - Body of Christ!

Sleek swimmer's body, all muscled-up and toned When Ilana remarks that she doesn't get what the girls at school see in Lance, Octus replies: I totally get it. Then again, that may be because he looked just like him. This is because it's Clinton. Wow, you are good. One episode revolves around Peter going back in time to when he was 18 back in the 's to relive his youth. When meeting up with Lois, she's planned for them to go see Zapped! Peter's donation of his sperm leads to him having multiple kids that look like him.

One is an attractive Sassy Black Woman who hits on Chris. At the end of the episode "No Business Like Snow Business" Betty gets on the boys' hockey team, unbeknownst to Penelope and her friends who swoon over "him" from the stands. But he received nothing else but this bare title for the many years service he had waited upon his Master, because it so happened that the Duke died, before he did any farther kindness for him.

The Father taking notice that he wanted neither address nor wit, and besides that he was capable of keeping a secret, communicated to him some of his own, and afterwards entrusted him with those of the Queen, acquainting him with the resentments she had entertained against Don Iuan of Austria.

Her Majesty had already taken notice of him, and he had the good fortune not to displease her, so that to tye him the faster to her interests she consented to let him marry her Favourite, and afterwards bestowed a Gentleman Querry's place upon the new Bridegroom. About this time the differences between the Queen and Don Iuan daily increased, and as Don Fernand was a man of address enough to sound the bottom of any intrigue, so he did not omit to do the Queen all the useful services that lay in his power.

One day the Queen spoke to Donna Eugenia to bring her Husband with her privately towards the Evening, because she had a mind to discourse with him alone: Donna Eugenia who wanted neither wit nor ambition, was transported with joy to think that Valenzuela was going to have such particular conversations with the Queen, and exactly obeyed the Orders she had received.

The first time he entred into the Queen's Chamber, he was very cautious and fearful, for he came armed with a Broquel, which is a sort of a Buckler, that they generally carry with them in Spain, when they go to a place where they apprehend any danger: She appeared in a deshabille that sate much better upon her, than the Widdows habit she wore in the day time, which very much resembles that of a Religious woman.

Subjects was devoted to her Majesty, after so particular a manner as himself. The affection she had for him encreased to such a degree, that all the world knew it, and the Courtiers all endeavoured to please the new Favourite: No favours were to be obtained but through his Intercession, and the Credit of the other Ministers sunk so low that they stood only for Ciphers, So they began to murmur amongst themselves.

To what purpose was it, said they, to remove Father Nitard and send him away, since a new Favourite is started up, that succeeds him in his place, and acts with more Authority than the other ever did. This good fortune of Valenzuela occasioned him a thousand enemies, they spoke of the Q. At this piece of news all people looked upon one another, and continued mute for some time, not being able to express the astonishment they were in. The Lords as they met one another said nothing else but Valenzuela made a Grandee, O tempora, O mores: In fine the Queen declared him her sole Favourite, so that he issued out all Orders for her as Chief Minister, or to speak more properly, as an absolute Master.

No body was surprized at this new honour that arrived to him, for they made no question, but that after such strange unaccountable beginnings, he was marked out and designed for the Ministry. And it was no difficult matter for him to effect it in so advantageous a scituation, where all favours, all the mony, all the the offices and benefices were at his intire disposal.

This Cabal of Malecontents increased so mightily, that there was almost nothing to be seen but Pasquils, Lampoons, and Satyrs both in prose and verse against the Queen and against him. He pointed at all these things with his hand, and below was written Este se Vende, that is to say, all this is sold. So that now it was apparent, that all the methods they took to destroy this Favourite, served only to confirm him so much the deeper in the affections, and good graces of the Queen.

He often entertained the City with Bull Feasts, where he generally made his appearance in a black habit, embroidered over with silver, and wore black and white Plumes, as being in second mourning, because the Queen was a Widdow: There being no hazard to run in this sport, the Queen was willing that Valenzuela should show his dexterity, which he did, and carried away the prize from a great number of young Lords, that disputed it with him, and received from the Queen's hand a Sword beset with Diamonds.

He caused some Comedies of his composing to be publickly represented on the Theatre, and all the Town had the liberty of seeing them for nothing.

He set several noble buildings on foot, rebuilt the great Square, the better part of which had been consumed by fire, and particularly the House where their Majesties went to behold the Courses at the Bull-feasts, and running at the ring. The Frontispiece and place before the Palace was finished by his order, as also the Tower of the Queen's Apartment was raised much higher.

He employed all his thoughts in contributing to the diversion of the Queen, and the King her Son; this young Prince now began to go to all the meetings of Sport and Pleasure that were kept at Aranjues, the Escurial and the other Royal Houses.

One day when the Marquess de Valenzuela had received Orders of the King to prepare a Chase for him, and the Court was then at the Escurial, the King designing to shoot a Stag, shot his Favourite and wounded him on the Thigh; the Queen being terribly affrighted broke out into great Lamentations, and fainted away between the arms of her Ladies.

This accident occasioned some people to predict the approaching ruine of Valenzuela, whereof this odd adventure seemed to be a presage. The name is originally French, and comes from the Dukes of Burgundy, from whom the House of Austria is descended. After the same manner he disposed of the other places. The Queen and he had still the same mutual aversion to one another as formerly, and notwithstanding the fair appearances of his outward behaviour, he laboured under hand with his friends to get himself declared, Infant de Castile.

At least people report it of him; 'tis indeed very true, that he was never able to accomplish that design, but they pretend that he was not absolutely without hopes to effect it. To bring about this affair with more facility, they gave the King to understand, That he was not only under the Tutorage of the Queen his Mother, but under that of Valenzuela. They afterwards represented to him the constraint he lived under in such lively colours, that he protested he would free himself immediately from this servitude.

She employed the remainder of the night in writing to the King, conjuring him in the most tender terms to give her leave to visit him, but he still refused it. There was an universal joy at Madrid upon this occasion, and that for these two reasons, which equally caused it. The first is, the exceeding affection the Spaniards have for their Prince, the second, because the Queen was so ill beloved, and besides the people could never forget some words that dropt from her once, viz. That she should never be at rest, till she had brought them all to be cloathed with Esterac.

This is a sort of a course Matt made of Rushes, that serves them for Mattresses and their bedding. As soon as Don Iuan arrived, he obliged the King to remove the Queen from thence, so she was sent to Toledo, with positive orders not to stir out of that City. The unfortunate Valenzuela took his leave of her with all the Testimonies of grief and duty, that so short a time would allow him, and retired to the Escurial according to order.

Thus there being a new face of affairs, every body made his Court and Application to Don Iuan, and the King by his extraordinary caresses, sufficiently testifyed how joyful he was to see him again. He commanded him to take care of all his affairs, and indeed Don Iuan rendred himself so absolute a Master, that his authority became much greater than that of the Queen, and her two chief Ministers.

Don Iuan earnestly desired to have Valenzuela 's person in his power, but could not tell whither he was gone. It being very well known, that the Marquess was retired into the Convent, there was no place or corner left unsearcht by Don Antonio de Toledo, and those that accompanied him.

They had so small a respect to the most holy places, that they almost turned every thing in the Church upside down. But their search was to no purpose; and Don Antonio could not tell what to resolve upon. But the Father Prior having first taken the Chirurgion of the Convent's word to keep the secret inviolably, sent him to the Marquess to let him blood: This treacherous Villain within a quarter of an hour after discovered the whole mystery to Don Antonio, who had been it seems in the Cell, where poor Valenzuela lay immured, almost every day since he began to make the search after him.

Don Iuan chose to make this the scene of his confinement, because the Castle depended upon him. Valenzuela lay there dangerously sick, and often said in the hearing of his Guards, Oh heavens! At last he was imbarked in a Vessel to be sent to Chile in the Philipines. These are certain Islands in the extreamest part of the East-Indies, almost adjoyning to China.

I perceive then, says he very pensively, that I am under more unfortunate circumstances by far, than when I first came to Court, and the Duke de l' Infantado took me for his Page.

But tho they took care to acquaint him with what related particularly to himself, yet he could learn nothing of the Queen's destiny, or what became of his Wife, and Children. Take courage Valenzuela, says she to him, thy Enemy will die, and thou shalt once more see Spain. Those that heard her say so, would have stopt her, but she found out means to make her escape. So a Vessel was sent to the Philippines to bring him back, but he found to his sorrow, that d' Eguya hindered his return, altho the Queen so earnestly desired it.

All the Kingdom testified an extraordinary satisfaction to to see Don Iuan enter upon the Government, and we may safely say, that all the hopes and expectations of Spain were lodged in him. In fine, all their hopes centred in Don Iuan, and they had long expected him almost to a degree of impatience: This is commonly the fate and destiny of all great Ministers; the high place they possess only serves to expose them the more to the envy of their inferiours.

So small a distance there is from publick favour and admiration to publick hatred. Most people were concerned to see what harsh usage he gave the Queen, and could not forbear to accuse his obstinacy, for refusing to enter Madrid, till the Queen was gone out, and on her way to Toledo. But several persons of Quality that were still linked to her whether out of affection or duty, could not without a sensible affliction, behold the oppression she lay under.

They generally spoke of it with heat and indignation, and spread abroad a report, that altho Don Iuan was no legitimate Prince, yet he flattered himself that he should one day become absolute Master of the Monarchy.

One that made the greatest noise was this, that in his Chamber of Audience he would neither give the right Hand nor a Seat to the Ambassadors. The last of whom was accused for making the following Verses, but they were mistaken in the Author, for they were written by the Admiral, who was a person of extraordinary wit.

I have here translated these Verses into English, altho it is certain they have nothing of the bel air and Spirit the Spanish have. The people that are never sensible of events, but at the very moment when they feel the smart, had perhaps looked upon the banishment of the Lords, and the captivity of their King with an indifferent Eye, if they had not been sufferers themselves. The pleasures of the Court, and that laziness which is so peculiar to the Spaniards made them advance so slowly in their affairs, that Don Iuan had leisure enough to destroy in one day the foundations they had been laying for several weeks.

She was afraid too of finding Traitors among her own Servants, and drawing new disgraces upon her, whilst she endeavoured to free her self from those she lay under at present. What was past instructed her in some measure to fear and avoid what was to come.

The war that was kindled The King of Denmark and Elector of Brandenburgh, who as yet kept their Swords in their hands still, laid them down likewise, and a peace was concluded at Nimeguen, that gave repose to all Europe. He too much feared the ill consequences of this affair to give his consent to it.

The circumstances of the Peace, that hapned to be concluded at Nimeguen, made him cast his eyes upon Mademoiselle, Eldest Daughter of Monsieur, who was the Kings only Brother.

All the people were ravished with joy to hear that the King desired Mademoiselle. Don Iuan agreed with the King's inclinations, as well as those of the people in relation to this Princess.

Every one was surprized that the Prince lent his helping hand to this affair. The Demand made by Don Balbazez was very agreeable to his Most Christian Majesty, and Don Iuan who received advice of it, did not at first doubt of its success.

Upon this he held a Council, where he was desirous to insinuate his own sentiments into them, but he found no body inclined to hearken to them. The Dutchess de Terra Nova was made Camarera Major, that is, first Lady of Honour, but her power is of a greater extent than that of the other Ladies of Honour; because she is Mistress of all the Women that serve the Queen in her Palace.

She thunders out her I will, or I will not, enough to make one tremble. She is a meager pale woman, of a long and wrinkled visage, her eyes little and severe, in short she makes a dangerous terrible Enemy. The terrible noise this affair made in the world, obliged her to retire into Arragon, where Don Iuan resided at that time, deeply afflicted at his misfortunes. He therefore cast his eyes upon her to make her Camarera Major for the Young Queen.

The occasion of the quarrel was this, the Duke was passionately in love with a certain Lady, and soon after came to discover that the Count was a more fortunate man than himself.

Nevertheless the Count escaped the danger. The other Officers of her House were likewise nominated about the beginning of March. There happened a little after another business, that occasioned a great clamour. The manner whereby they brought it about, was this. He was to have gone according to the usual custom, in the month of April to Aranjues, but Don Iuan hindred him, because that place was too near Toledo, so he went to Buen-Retiro.

The Queen Mother wrote to him thither, desiring that he would be pleased to come and see her; but tho she prest it with a great deal of tenderness and importunity, she was not able to succeed in her desires. The Opera d' Alcine was represented before him, it cost a world of mony, but was miserably performed.

There was likewise a Bull-feast kept, where two young Cavaliers unfortunately perished: On the following day there was running at the ring. About this time the Prince de Ligne arrived, and a day or two after kissed his Majestys hand, and took his place at the Council of State. The Duke of Alva had engaged that he should submit himself intirely to Don Iuan 's will, who accepted him upon his parole. The Court at Madrid was very full and numerous. He was known to the Court of Spain, for in the year Don Iuan had three fits of a Tertian Ague towards the beginning of Iuly.

Nothing is equal to the joy that he shew'd upon this account, for he had expected the news with the greatest impatience. An hundred and fifty Cavaliers of the best Families in the Kingdom performed a Masquerade on horse-back, that consisted only of some embroiderie, Tiffany Ribbons and Feathers; for they were apparalled in black as they used to be, but were not masqued at all. They flattered themselves immediately with the hopes of making him one of their party, and believed it would extreamly strengthen their own side if they could once bring him over to them.

Don Iuan was now more disquieted than ever: He was still more afflicted, when he saw some of his friends, or at least such as he believed to be so, embrace the interests that were directly opposite to his, and he knew they employed the Confessor's credit with the King to bring all these matters about.

Nevertheless, whether he had promised him nothing, or really broke his word, 'tis certain he quitted the Prince's party, and caballed amongst his enemies. However it was, he obtained for the Princess de Stillano, who was the Duke of Alva 's Daughter, the return of her Husband. The Son of the Duke de Medina Celi had married the Daughter of the Duke d' Ossone, and this occasioned the great friendship between them. The pretence was, that it was necessary for him to be with the Queen, and the Duke de Medina Celi, having found a favourable opportunity, told the King that he was not a little concerned to see a man of the Duke d' Ossone 's quality, who had the honour to possess one of the highest Offices in the Queens House, banished so far from Court, at a time when all those persons that ought to serve her, should be making preparations to meet her.

To encrease his troubles, all those that were exiled came into favour, for they took an opportunity to solicit their return whilst he was sick, and made such advantages of that conjuncture, and pushed matters so home, that the King was resolved to call home the Queen Mother. When they were met, the King sent them word by the aforementioned Father Relux to advise him of the best method to remove Don Iuan, and recall the Queen Mother.

Our Ambassador made his entry on the thirteenth of August, and we did not fail to go to some of our Friends to behold the Show. After some instances on his side, his Coach withdrew; he is the first Ambassador of Malta that ever aspired to this honour. The King presented a thousand Pistoles to every Maid of Honour to bear the expence of their journey, with a pension of a thousand Ducats. He was a young Lord very well shaped and accomplished.

They were once minded to seize the whole Cargo to defray the charge of the Marriage, and to serve for other occasional expences. However after a long consideration, the Council finding it would utterly ruin all commerce, desisted from the design.

All the Court was now filled with joy: He received him very kindly and as a person of his merit deserved: In fine, this poor Prince died on the seventeenth of September He was born in The King did not acknowledge him till the year After this he reduced the City of Naples to its obedience, and went to Flanders to command the Troops there. We may easily believe, that she took but little time to prepare her self for a journey that was so welcome to her. The Duke of Alva or Dalbe of the Family of Toledo, he has a vast estate and a considerable revenue, and yet for all that is not before hand in the world; he enjoys several good places and a large pension at Court.

At his return to Madrid, the King made him Governour to the Prince Don Bakazar his Son, who died by overheating himself, and was afterwards let blood in vain. He was born a Libertine, and lived private, and could not fix himself so as to make a regular Court either to the King or the Chief Minister. Formerly he kept some Mistresses, for whose sakes he almost ruined himself. He was Master of the Horse to the King. He was of a chearful lively Spirit, and talked justly and well upon all occasions.

When her Husband had eaten part of it, she asked him how he liked it, he answered very well. The Marquess's affliction was so great, that it had like to have made an end of him. He was exceeding rich. The Duke d' Ossone of the House de Giron was Master both of good and bad qualities, that equally distinguished him.

He was a man of an inflexible steadiness, and always had some quarrel or other in Court or City. He was one of the richest Noblemen in Spain, and might be about He might be about The Marquess de Liche, who carried the name of de Haro Gusman, had two very opposite qualities, he was liberal and yet covetous, he carried his magnificence even to an excess, considering his rank in the world, but especially towards his Mistresses; nevertheless he sometimes shewed his frugality in things that did him no credit.

He was a great Lord, full of ambition and so naturally forward and adventurous, that they feared him at Court, and kept him always at a great distance. He was Ambassador at Rome, and was He was not above He married the Sister of the Constable Colonna: The bigness and and figure of that Lady were very remarkable.

It must be owned that he had both zeal and capacity for the service of his Master. Don Diego Sarmiento was originally of Gallicia, his birth was not illustrious. He passed for a person of great bravery, and had the Character of a sweet-tempered affable man. He was not very rich, and might be about Don Melchior Navarra owed his elevation to his good fortune, and to the Queen Mother. He left Spain in the year He was master of a great fortune, but of greater vertues, and was but The Count d' Oropeza, who carries the name of Toledo conjunctly with that of Portugal, was young and not above The Duke d' Albuquerque was General at Sea, he was very brave, and was not destitute of wit.

He married the Daughter of his Eldest Brother to keep up the name of his Family, which was that of Cueva, and was very antient. The King had a great kindness for him, and he behaved himself towards his Majesty with all the Address imaginable. He was never of the Council: Altho the eldest of these Lords is not above Their habit sits so ill upon them, that unless one has been long accustomed to it, she can scarce know how to endure it.

The men are no less disadvantageously apparalled; they always come to Court in their Golilia and a black Cloak and hanging sleeves, and altho they be never so well shaped and handsom, with fine heads of hair and good features, yet their awkward way of dressing and parting their hair on one side of their face, and throwing it behind their ears, does abominably disfigure them.

Nay it was commonly believed, that she would not be displeased to take the Government again into her hands, and so some by inclination, and others out of policy endeavoured to get into her favour, in order to obtain some place or other under the new Ministry, that was going to be formed, as well upon the score of her return, as the arrival of the young Queen.

The world had reason to believe, that the face of affairs would be absolutely changed, and therefore every one thought of himself in the present conjuncture.

For example, Philip IV. In a word, all these busie Spirits were divided upon the point, and the most quiet among them found themselves somewhat concerned for what was to come.

But the Queen Mother made no stir, she seemed in appearance to have no other thoughts than how to establish her self in the favour of the King her Son, and serve her self in the same condition.

He pressed the time of his departure that he might be the sooner with her. He was born in Sicily of an Illustrious Family, and was Brother to the Count de Prade who happened to be Governour of Palermo at the time when that City revolted in the late troubles. The Queen was now advanced as far as St. Iohn-de-Luz, and she departed from thence about one a clock in the afternoon on the third of November, followed by the Guards an Corps of the King.

She came to a wooden house that was purposely prepared for her, it was gilded and painted within and without, there was a great Hall in it, a Chamber, and a moveable Closet of Crimson-Damask with Galloon and a rich Lace of Gold and Silver. This house was scituate upon the brink of the River de Bidassoa which parts France from Spain.

The Guards de Corps formed themselves into several Squadrons in this place. The Marquess was waiting for his orders in this Boat, which was very magnificent, and was prepared on purpose to carry her Majesty over to the other side.

As soon as he was informed that the Queen expected him, he set foot upon the ground, and fourscore persons, Gentlemen, Pages, or Valets marched on foot before him, he threw himself immediately at the feet of the Queen, kissed her hand, made her a Complement, got up again, and covered himself, without staying for the Queen to say any thing to him.

The Prince d' Harcourt covered himself likewise at the same time. The Marquess spoke to her all the while in Spanish, and presented her Majesty with two Letters from the King and Queen Mother; but before he gave them, he touched them upon his Forehead, his Eyes, his Mouth, and his Heart, as the fashion is.

The Queen told him she was extreamly glad that the King her Husband had given him the charge of conducting her. The Bishop of Pampelune kissed her hand, but did not kneel. The Dutchess de Terra Nova met her just about the middle, and kissed her hand with the Ladies of the Palace that followed her, who threw themselves all at her feet.

The Prince and Princess d' Harcourt, the other Ladies and all the Queens Attendants passed over in Boats that were prepared on purpose. She had always had the liberty hitherto to eat in publick, and it had not been denied to her upon the way; she danced, she rode on Horseback, she knew and esteemed those that were her Companions, and they if I may use the expression adored her.

She likewise drew for her self a Plan of the conduct she was to follow, and this effectually hindred her from being turned out of her Post.

What would not he have done to please you? If it had not been for him the King had married the Arch Dutchess, and his breaking off that Match drew abundance of mortal enemies upon him. She departed from Irun, and lay that night at Hernani.

The next day she mounted on Horseback, followed by the Dutchess de Terra Nova, who made but a sorry figure upon her Mule; Madam de Grance accompanied her. The Marquess placed himself next her Majesty, because she was to be his charge till she saw the King; but the Duke pretended a right to the same place, as being Master of the Horse, and so took it by force, menacing the Marquess very haughtily. This dispute obliged the Queen to take Coach again.

This quarrel was renewed upon the discharging of their Offices; the Marquess pretended, that all the honours of the Queens Reception belonged to him; the Duke maintained that he being Master of the Horse, ought therefore to have all the pre-eminences in her House.

To decide the matter, they were forced to write to the King about it, who decided it in favour of the Marquess. She wrote to him several times, and he answered her again. He granted it very freely, and she sent to him in this place a Watch beset with Diamonds, and a Cravat with a Knot of a fire colour. There it was that she drest her self first a l' Espagnolle, and she appeared no less beautiful and charming in that, than in her French Habit. She received in this place a pair of Pendants for the Ears, with Pearls to them of a Pear fashion, this present was sent to her from the Queen Mother, and was valued at four hundred thousand Livers.

He took his leave of her, and went back to the King at Burgos, and during this short time he had the honour to discourse with her, she still entertained him with great coldness and indifferency. Being assured of this, he took care to send advice of it to the Prince d' Harcourt, and they departed together soon enough to be with the Queen before the King arrived thither.

She fiercely replied, that the King their Master had nothing to do to command in Spain. This Gentleman found him on the way, and he consented that the Messieurs d' Harcourt and Villars should assist at the Ceremony. The King was drest a la Scombergue, which is properly after the French mode, and all his attendants were clad after the same manner: The Marquess de Villars having observed that the Grandees of Spain took the right hand, spoke to the King about it, and represented to him, the rank the Marquess de los Balbazez had given to him at Fountainbleau, when the Queen was espoused there.

If the Arch-Bishop of Burgos had not been indisposed, he had performed this Office. The Dutchess de Terra Nova held up her Train. When the Ceremony was over, the King and Queen withdrew into a Chamber by themselves, where they continued two hours alone: On the twenty second of November Prince d' Harcourt made his entry, and had Audience of the King and Queen; after Dinner there was a Bull-feast, which pleased the Queen exceedingly, because the Cavaliers showed extraordinary dexterity and courage in the performance.

The day following she saw the Parejas, that is to say, an Horserace, in which nothing is observeable, but that two men who start together, ride even without going a step one before the other, altho they ride full speed: Sixty Gentlemen clad in Silver Brocard ran after this manner. They pretend that the present the King made the Prince d' Harcourt was worth twenty hundred thousand Crowns, but it fell much short of it; the Queen got a Pension of two thousand Crowns for Madam de Grance, which was to be paid her where-ever she lived.

Stephen de Gormas, and at Guadalajara: All the while that the Court was on the way from Burgos to this place, the Camarera Major frequently discoursed the King in private: The King commended her zeal, and gave her sufficient assurances of his confidence. The Queen Mother perceiving that the Queen had never a Muff, presented her with her own, about which was a great knot of Diamonds: In a word, she showed the Queen all marks of her good inclinations to her, from which she might promise her self all happy consequences.

The next day which was the second of December, the King and Queen arrived at Madrid, in a Coach with the Curtains open, that they might be seen by the people. This was a sorrowful state, and a heavy restraint to the young Queen to find her self thus all on a sudden shut up from those persons, that either might have afforded her some consolation, or diversion, or useful advice.

She kept her in this solitary condition at Retiro, without permitting her so much as to go out of her Apartment. The Marquess de Villars knew all that passed, and was mightily concerned at it, but it was not time as yet to speak of it. But she was not in a capacity to obey the Orders she had received, and the Confessor being informed what obstacles stood in the way, very fairly gave the Queen an account of all.

She was not a little troubled at the ill services the Dutchess had done her; and one may be able to judge by these few instances what an absolute power that old Lady assumed in the Queens House, and over the Queens person. The King according to the custom of Spain, sate in a Chair of State, the two Queens upon two low Stools, and presently another was brought for the Ambassador's Lady.

After she somewhat eased her self by recounting to her the several ill usages that so much disturbed her, the Ambassador's Lady did not fail to apply those consolations she judged expedient for one in her condition. The Ambassador of France saw her sometimes whilst she continued at Retiro, but this was before Company, and besides the time they allotted him to be with her, was so short, that in those general visits they could discourse of no particular affairs. When she was returned to her Palace, which is the House of the Duke d' Vzeda, and is one of the finest in Madrid, the Young Queen sent her two little Cabinets full of pretty curiosities; she on the other hand procured her by way of exchange the diversion of going a hunting at Pardo.

She had not been on Horseback since she came to Retiro. The Marquess Sera a Genoese, offer'd to make the Naples Squadron consist of fourteen Gallies, which was never more than seven, and not put the King to any expence, provided he would allow him the same conditions that the Duke de Tursis had at Genoa. He had made this proposal to Don Iuan, some time before his death, who found it to be very advantageous.

This is often enough practised in Spain. Altho he had received no manner of answer to the memorial he gave the Pr. And the world was not at all surprized, to find him forget the concerns of the kingdom in general, at a time when he was wholly possess'd with a Passion for his Queen; and had his head full of those agreeable Ideas, which all Lovers amuse themselves with.

The Court became now very full; the Kings marriage and the return of the Q. Mother had brought together the most considerable persons of the Kingdom. But nothing was more opposite than these two Lords were to one another: The Duke de Medina-Celi was 45 years old, his Humour sweet and good natur'd, but too slow and careless in matters of moment, of an insinuating agreeable Spirit.

He was descended of the illustrious Houses of Castile and de Foix: The last of his Governments was that of Flanders, and altho these posts ought to have made him sociable and familiar, yet he always preserved so severe and rigid a character, that it rendred him terrible: No body doubted but that the King respected him very much, for what the Queen Mother might say in favour of him, and the world was perswaded, that among those persons, whose merits she would recommend to the King, the Constable would be the first, who besides this would unquestionably find himself supported by all the party that had been ill treated by Don Iuan, and by all those that continued still in the Interests of the Queen Mother: She was obliged for her own proper Interests to procure the King's favour, and the Favourite's place for the Constable.

He sometimes told his Friends that the weight of great affairs astonished him, and that he found it a harder matter to adjust them, than those persons who behold them only at a distance, can well imagine; and that all his ambition was to contribute what in him lay to the erecting a Junto.

This party desired to have it full as numerous as it was during the Regency, and would have it composed of the Cardinal Portocarero Archbishop of Toledo, of Don Melchior Navarra, who had been formerly Vice Chancellor of Arragon, of the Duke de Medina Celi, and the other three whom I have mentioned.

Several of them assembled hereupon, they beheld their ruine in the elevation of the contrary party, and united themselves to the D. The Duke de Mediea Celi was of an equal and peaceable temper, which rendred him agreeable to the King.

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